Clementine Churchill

Clementine Churchill – a Summary

Clementine Hozier was born on April 1st, 1885. Later in life, she became the wife of prominent British statesman Winston Churchill (Clementine Churchill). Her parents separated while she was just a little girl, and as a consequence of that, she spent her childhood in both England and France. Clementine was smart enough for university education, but her mother didn’t have funds to pay for her schooling. Same as her future husband, she was of aristocratic descent, although there are some who are claiming that she was illegitimate.

Whirlwind Romance

She first met Winston Churchill when she was nineteen years old. At that time her future husband was a twenty-years-old MP, who was known for his radical views and experience in wars. Their first meeting was at a dance, where Winston failed to make an impression. Four years after that event the two were together at a dinner, and things went in different direction. In the past, Clementine was engaged few times, always for men older than her. Only a month after their second encounter Winston Churchill proposed to her on a rainy night at Blenheim Palace.

Their future marriage was under a question mark after Churchill went to Scotland to visit 21-year old Violet Asquith. At the time it looked like Churchill and Violet were involved romantically, but after she found out that he was engaged, she became depressed and unstable.

Clementine Churchill

Clementine Churchill had a great political mind, similar to the one of her husband. She was also a devoted wife who had much love for her children. Clementine was never afraid to voice her opinion or to write it down in a letter. During 1916 when Winston was in trenches during the WWI, she urged him to stay there and hold his own, while she craved for his return as a loving wife. The couple had significant differences in opinion on two occasions. The first time was when Edward VIII abdicated, and the second time was when Winston took another term in office in 1951.

Clementine Churchill – Stoical Mother

She was a devoted mother, although stubborn at times. Mrs. Churchill was often envious of her daughter’s Marry relationship with her children which was warm and relaxed. Her life was filled with worries as they usually were in the poor financial situation despite the fact that her husband earned well from his writings. Before they settled at Chartwell, they were often moving from house to house. Also, Winston had issues with drinking and gambling which was hard for Clementine. In the later years of his life, Churchill also had health issues. All of this took its toll on his wife.

She has worked hard her entire life, showing support to her husband through good and bad. She ran the household and took care of the children. Clementine was the one arranging his dinner parties, often on short notice. After he became the Prime Minister, she had many public duties with most prominent being running the ‘Mrs. Churchill’s Fund.’ During the WWI Clementine Churchill was involved in voluntary work.


Some parts of her life remain less known. Some sources claim that she tried to sell her child to General Hamilton and his wife Jean during one of Churchill’s financial crisis in 1918. Winston wasn’t aware of the deal which failed to become a reality. During the 1930s she was involved in a platonic relationship with a certain art dealer, although many sources deny this story.


After the demise of her husband Sir Winston Churchill, she became a cross-bench member of House of Lords. Due to issues with her hearing she couldn’t devote herself to the politics as much as she would like. She spent the late years of her life surrounded with family before she died of heart attack on 12th of December in 1997.

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