How To Clean Suede Leather Boots – Useful Tips For You

Needless to say, suede shoes are an adored investment and fashionable complement to our wardrobe. But it is truly annoying to see your shoes with a splatter of coffee or some mucky drops, let alone some harsh dirt.

Hence, what is the best way to clean your suede leather boots? Could you do it by yourself at home? Don’t worry, as the following article from Alex D. Bowen, author of will show you a clear and straight-to-the-point explanation on “How to clean suede leather boots?”. Keep scrolling, and you will get your answer!

How to clean suede sneakers?

How To Clean Suede Shoes With Household Products?

The first solution for “How to remove stains from suede shoes?” uses basic household products.

What is better than cleaning suede leather shoes with household products that are available at your home, right? Here we would like to divide cleaning methods into three types: Regular cleaning, small stain, and tough grime.

For Conventional Cleaning

For daily suede leather boots, it is unnecessary to carry out a complex cleaning process. Specifically, there are only four main steps for you to quickly refresh your beloved suede shoes:

Step 1: Place Some Shoe Tree Or Wrinkled Paper Inside

First of all, put a shoe tree or crumpled paper inside your shoes before taking any further cleaning steps. Your shoes can hold their shape well regardless of how you clean them with this step. Also, your shoes will get dry much faster after the cleaning.

These papers are whatever paper you have at home; it could be the old newspaper or some computer paper. Just crumble it up and put it into your shoes.

Step 2: Use A Pure Bath Towel To Scrub The Exterior

All you need is a soft and clean towel. After that, take a couple of minutes to rub the affected areas.

Even though this step sounds simple, you still need to be careful during the process. Don’t try to rub too strong because suede is quite delicate. Nevertheless, please pay attention to the line of the grain of your shoes so that you will not move the cloth of your favorite shoes while rubbing.

In this step, you must accomplish two tasks:

  • The first one is to remove all exterior materials that have the risk of enlarging the dirt on your shoes.
  • Lastly, you must get rid of unseen dust.

Step 3: Brush Gently With A Cleaning Brush Specialized For Suede Shoes

Subsequently, we will move to how to clean your suede shoes thoroughly inside. A good recommendation for you is to use a suede-cleaning brush, as this brush is specialized for this shoe type. In addition, it will help to clean deeply in every nock of the suede shoes and give it a refreshing look.

One of the most standout features of a suede-cleaning brush is reducing the chance of your shoes getting faded, unlike other brushes. Hence, this is a great solution you should not miss.

Step 4: Spray A Thin Coverage On Your Shoes

To finish your cleansing process, the last but not least step is spraying a finishing coverage. This step is quite important because the spraying substance will protect your suede shoes from outside environmental factors and give protection from the inside of your shoes. It is nearly the same as spraying your hair after you wash to provide more protection.

Moreover, there are many spraying products available in the market for you to choose from.

For Tiny Stains: Get yourself A Suede Eraser

If your shoes start to have some small stains, it would be quite troublesome to do many steps above. For this problem, get yourself a cleaner bar. This eraser could quickly handle the stain on your shoes regardless of whether it is an odd bright spot or a dirty mark. A few rubs of this bar will magically make your suede shoes professional and stylish again.

For Harsh Dirt: Make Use Of White Vinegar Or Baking Soda

You may ask yourself sometimes: How to clean suede sneakers? Luckily, we’ve got you a way to deal with these tough stains. White vinegar and baking soda are the best suede cleaner substances we highly recommend you to use.

How to clean suede shoes with vinegar?

  • First of all, prepare a soft cleaning cloth and spot some white vinegar on it. Then gently scour the vinegar on the surface that needs to be cleaned. Keep waiting, and the acid from the vinegar will wipe stains away.
  • Secondly, wait until the affected surface gets fully dry. In this step, your shoes will become damp. You may feel that the vinegar has altered the color of your shoes. However, it will quickly reverse when drying.
  • Finally, remove all stubborn suede stains by using a suede brush. Take several attempts until your shoes are totally clean.

How to clean suede shoes with baking soda?

  • Firstly, sprinkle baking soda on your suede shoes. Baking soda will absorb grease, odors and clean the dirt away.
  • Secondly, prepare a soft brush and rub it in.
  • Finally, wait for around 15 minutes and brush it off. Now you are done.

How To Clean Suede Shoe Home Remedy

You could consider a great mixture below for those looking for an innovative homemade suede cleaner besides vinegar and baking soda.

  • Prepare ammonia, water, and some liquid washing detergent. Following this, you have to mix a drop of liquid detergent, 3 or 4 drops of ammonia, and some water.

While making it, you should open the window because the vapors diffused by ammonia are really dangerous for our health. Also, get rid of all remaining liquid if you don’t use it anymore.

  • Then, use a clean cloth to dry the shoes and sprinkle some talc. Wait for several hours and gently brush your shoes once again.


To sum up, there are many ways to clean your suede leather cloth. You could choose several ways from simple to more complex for each type of stain to remove the dirt. Good luck with your task, and thank you for reading this post on “How to clean suede leather boots.”

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