Clean spam comments

The number of comments increases the rate and hypothetically, it is good for an account in the time of algorithmic feed. Only spam comments with a job offer can spoil the whole impression about the account. Such comments are best deleted.

You can delete any comment on any publication. I do not recommend deleting the negative. Correctly processed negative comment sells like 4-5 good reviews.

Automatically control comments

If you got fake accounts that are spamming with you on your account, or you don’t allow them to use bad language in your account, you can set up automatic checking of comments on specific words.

When you need to up your engagement, you can check iigers for Instagram services. They are a reliable service that offers exactly what they say they do. Services from real profiles!

Remove or hide tags on photos

Sometimes you need to remove some of the photos from the “photos with you”, this is especially true for large brands, which are constantly tagged in the photos.

Go to “Photo with me” → select unwanted photo → click on the label → “Remove label” you remove the label from the photo, if you move the slider, the photo will not be displayed in “Photo with me” but the label will remain.

Video with different scenes

You can create real sketches and meaningful videos, using only the “video camera” application inside Instagram. It’s not as professional as a videographer and making a video in six months, but quickly.

Hold down the shooting button to film the desired scene. You can continue to shoot further.

Silent video

By default, the video on Instagram is broadcasted without sound. If you filmed in a natural environment, where there was a lot of noise, it is better to turn off the sound.

Before you publish the video, hold down the sound key.

Change the video filter

Click on “filter” key in filter selection mode, and select the appropriate cover for the video.

Selection of hashtags

While there is a myth that hashtags help promote a brand, any tools for searching and selecting hashtags will be relevant. When searching for Instagram, enter one hashtag, and Instagram will suggest others with which this hashtag is often used.

Built-in Boomerang

Boomerang is an application that helps create looped gifs. In a recent Instagram update, the developers have built a boomerang in the story. Now you can remove Boomerang from your phone, and use Instagram.

Stories for the chosen ones

Post Instagram stories to your favorites. Click on the arrow next, and select those to show the story to.

Hide stories from favorites

You can not only show stories to selected accounts but also hide them from other prying eyes. To do this, go to your account settings and in the settings of the stories, choose those people who do not need to see these stories.

Additional colors in stories

Select text or brush. A palette appears at the bottom of the screen. Holding one of the colors opens the expanded palette panel.

Any number of stickers and text on Instagram stories

Press the sticker or text key. Insert, increase the size, change the position, and press again on the sticker or text. So you can build a variety of wonderful designs.

Tags in Instagram stories

The coolest update of stories, these are links to active accounts in Instagram Stories. You can make a sequence of slides and put a call to action on the final slide and indicate the target account.

Just start to enter the target account name, with @

Save stories in the gallery

If you use boomerangs, then stickers, then brushes, you can get a cool story that you want to save to your phone.

Skip boring and uninteresting stories

If you find someone posted 25 photos of the same, feel free to skip. Double-clicking on the Story to skip one from the account, and swipe will take you to the next story.

Write better captions

  • History is made only by people who break the rules.
  • When you find yourself, life changes.
  • Whenever you feel lonely, you need to spend even more time on your own.
  • You can only judge me if you are perfect.
  • Leave some sparkles wherever you go.
  • Life always seems better when you laugh.
  • The world begins with a smile.
  • I think it is time to start rejoicing again.
  • I am not perfect. I have never been to them, and I will never be to them.
  • Stop trying to fix me, because I am not broken.
  • My success is simply postponed for the future.
  • All I need to be happy is six months of vacation … Twice a year.
  • I like being a dreamer and a night thinker.
  • Nothing will happen until you stop trying.
  • Your speed does not matter as long as you continue to move forward.
  • There should be no shortcuts if you decide to break away!
  • To enjoy a beautiful rainbow, you must first enjoy the rain.
  • Today I am very excited!
  • You just need to be a little crazy, because a little madness is very similar to heaven.
  • Just make sure you are always in love with your life.
  • Just keep smiling – it confuses people.
  • No one can fail as long as they like their lives.
  • Always follow your hopes, and do not pay attention to your fears.
  • Sometimes the best revenge is to smile and move on.
  • Smile now, because tomorrow may be worse.
  • Love and life will always find a way to love you.
  • This is just proof that I can be a better egoist than you.
  • Life is not a matter of achieving every goal, it is a celebration of every moment.
  • You cannot just live life. It should be celebrated.
  • Dance as if no one sees, love, like you never loved before. Otherwise, you never know what it means to live for real.