How do you Clean Apple Silicone Bands?


Watches have evolved and have become more of a style statement in today’s world. Watches these days do not simply tell time. They have become sleek and fashionable and have gained the ability to perform the functions of a smartphone. They also have mastered the art of conducting a small physical checkup and are now able to check one’s blood pressure, oxygen saturation, and whatnot.

Apple Inc. has always been ahead of its games and has understood and mastered the art of satisfying the customers to the fullest. Apple has released various phone-related gadgets and devices, but its ‘Silicone Banded Wrist Watch’ series has been a true game-changer.

You can buy the same products from all Apple Inc. outlets and showrooms or from the comfort of your homes, where you are comfortable. You can fully trust these online stores, as every Apple product is delivered to all its customers only after a series of vigorous testing and quality checks. Buyers can read more here if they want to place an order for their brand new Apple Silicone Watch.

Every Apple product is made with utmost precision and requires your care and attention. Cleaning the Apple Watch’s Silicone wristband could be a daunting process. And if not done correctly, you might actually ruin your Silicone band. To avoid such a situation, given below is a list of steps and procedures on how to clean your Apple Silicone Band:

1. Instructions from Apple Support

Apple Inc.’s official website has a special, dedicated page for the handling, care, and cleaning of its Silicone Watches and Bands. According to Apple Inc, you should always remove the Silicone Band first from the Apple Watch before cleaning it.

After removing the band, you should always use a non-abrasive, lint-free cloth to clean the surface of the Apple Silicone Band. This way, you would reduce the chances of scratching its surface and imparting permanent damages to the same.

Every Apple product is a prized possession, and they all must be handled with utmost precision and care. Additionally, the website suggests that users could use some fresh water to dampen the cloth and then rub it on the surface of the band in order to get a perfectly clean look. Users can also use a bar of mild, hypoallergenic hand soap or a hand wash if needed. However, users are advised to be extra careful around the edges and the buckles, as soap can get stuck in these places and later become a problem.

After washing or cleaning the Silicone Apple Band, users are advised to let it dry, most preferably on its own, to maintain its natural texture. Moreover, users are asked not to use any form of blower or dryer to dry these bands, as they might alter, change or deteriorate the shape of the Bands. Users can plug their Apple Watches back in after the complete drying of these bands. Their Apple Wrist Watches are ready to use.

2. A tested DIY


If you have noticed some discoloration in your Silicone Band, maybe it is time to do some DIY, as the original official way is not working for you or your product anymore. It is a quick hack and is done by millions of other customers of the America-Based tech giant. For this DIY, you would require some things and stuff, which are readily available in your kitchen. The required materials are a bowl of warm water, some dish soap, an old toothbrush ( the softer, the better), one cotton cloth ( any lint-free, non-abrasive, microfiber cloth would work as well), and some baking soda.

After the collection of the required stuff, you could start the cleaning by removing the main Apple Watch body from its Silicone Bands. Fill up a bowl with warm water and add the dish soap to it. Carefully place your Apple Silicone Bands in this water solution and let it soak for a good five to ten minutes. After this, you can use your fingers to rub the bands. Use the toothbrush with soft bristles to cater to the hard stains. If the stains do not get removed even after using the toothbrush, you could dust them off with some baking soda. Baking soda has cleaning properties to it and should be able to remove any hard stains. However, users are advised not to use any abrasive substance, like a scrub pad or bar on these silicone bands, as they might get scratched and can be ruined easily.

3. Additional tips

Here are some additional tips that the users can follow whilst cleaning and caring for their Silicone Band Apple Watches.

●  Use bleach

Users can use some liquid bleach, such as Clorox, to remove the hard stans. However, these bleaches are very strong and can permanently damage your Silicone bands. Therefore, it is advised to the users to dilute these bleach before using them on their precious Apple watch.

●  Avoid moisture

If you want to increase the life of your bands, you should try to keep them away from water and any other source of moisture. Moisture can seep into the surface of these bands and can cause some serious discoloration.

●  Seek professional help

If you feel like you have done everything you could in order to clean your Apple Silicone Band Watch, and it is still not getting properly cleaned, then it is time that you must visit some showroom of Apple Inc. and get the watch checked out by the professionals.



All Apple products are valued and can be recognized from far away due to their sleek and stylish looks. Apple Inc. has become the go-to choice of many, be it its stunning iPhones, or MacBooks. Everything with an Apple logo on it is a blockbuster deal. The same goes for wristwatches manufactured and sold by Apple. Apple has released many different watches collections in the past, but the Silicone Banded still remains a fan favorite. All Apple products are carefully tailored with love, care, and utmost perfection and professionalism. Their products also demand the same amount of care from their owners and users once they are out of the respective factories.

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