What Class to play in WoW Classic Season of Mastery

With the recent announcement and the subsequent October 16, 2021, WoW Season of Mastery, especially relevant was the material on the game classes. Who better to start in the first place and what twink to create, which class will show itself most in PvP, and which – in battles between players in the open world and on the battleground. Or which class to choose for solo play and leveling, and which – for going to dungeons, raids & battlegrounds in pre-prepared groups.

There are dozens of criteria for class selection, ranging from ease of leveling, ending with the ability to obtain game currency or items. Now we will try to answer all the questions and help with the choice of classes for the game WoW Season of Mastery. For each class, we will go separately.


Great class, available in every MMO without exception. Play warrior can be in 3 specializations, 2 of which are attacking, 1 – defensive. Practice shows that the warrior is not the best class for the starting game, because good armor and weapons are hard to get, because the specifics of the class is slow, but in the high-level content warrior shows himself perfectly. Of course, a good option is to play Protection Warrior, armed with sword and shield, and then choose combat specialization if you want. The overall rating is average.


Basically, this is a warrior who uses the magic of light. Also available 3 specializations: Dps, healer & tank. Obviously, the healing branch is not worth choosing for the solo game, but the paladin tank or Dps is excellent in this regard. A large amount of damage and the ability to heal their wounds ensures a pleasant process of pumping and gathering resources at the start, as well as being in demand in any group after level 60. The overall rating is good.


A fighter with a long-range type of attack and the ability to tame a pet. Perhaps these 2 features are what make the hunter the ideal class for both solo and group play starts. Like any class, the hunter has 3 branches, the strongest of which is the BeastMaster. Specialization simultaneously strengthens both the pet, making it almost immortal, and the master, increasing damage and survivability. Of course, it requires 2 weapons to play comfortably, but this is offset by convenience and mobility. The overall rating is excellent.


Overall, the class can be compared to the paladin, except that there is no tank specialization here. Shaman deals damage in 2 specializations and heals an ally in 1. The healer branch is contraindicated for starting out in solo play, but the other two are very good. Shaman not only deals damage but can heal himself, which greatly simplifies the gameplay and makes pumping and mining resources much easier. The overall rating is good.

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This class is unique – with 3 existing branches of development, druids have the opportunity to play in 4 roles: melee and ranged fighter, tank, and healer. For independent play to choose the healer specialty is extremely undesirable, but choosing any of the remaining 3 you will not fail. Druid in any specialization can heal itself, which, combined with a decent amount of damage and the ability to become a tank makes the gameplay in terms of pumping and mining resources. Overall rating – excellent.


A very specific class, one could say «for the amateur». Possesses 3 possible branches of dps development, each of which is unique in its own way. For example, for independent play and PvE content, branch 2 is ideal, for PvP – 1 and 3, but the robber has a common weakness. At first, the process of leveling here is very difficult because of the lack of treatment and weak defense. From the pluses – the ability to mine additional resources and hide from enemies. Overall rating – average.


A World of Warcraft class that has two healer specs and one of dps. And one of the branches of development is combined and is perfect for solo players. The main problem of the class, both at the start and in the high-level content, is a strong lack of mana, which can’t be compensated. Overall, this is a very useful and versatile class for both leveling, mining & PvE content, as well as for PvP.


A playable WoW class that closely resembles the Hunter. Warlock is able to summon minions, which have their own characteristics, greatly simplifying not only leveling but extraction of things and resources. This class has all 3 combat specializations, you just need to choose how to deal with the damage. On top of everything else, a warlock has a terrific ability to control, which makes it indispensable in PvP. In addition, there is an opportunity to restore mana and health, which no other class can boast. The overall rating is excellent.


A strong World of Warcraft class that has 3 specs. All of them are combat and differ only by the type of magic used. For example, the ice mage is ideal for solo play because it has the ability to deal AoE damage & slow down targets. On the other hand, the other two branches deal a huge amount of damage, which is very valuable in the later stages of the game. Minus – possible mana problems, which are very hard to solve, poor defense & low health. The overall rating is good.

The Weakest Links?

While every class in WoW Classic Season of Mastery has its strengths and can be enjoyable to play, some classes may require more effort or have specific challenges. Here are a few classes that players may find more challenging or require additional dedication:

  1. Druid: Druids are versatile hybrid classes capable of filling multiple roles, including tanking, healing, and damage dealing. However, their versatility comes at the cost of specialization, which can make them less efficient in specific roles compared to dedicated classes. Additionally, druids can have a steeper learning curve due to their wide range of abilities and forms. You can always beat their deficiency with some WoW gold at your waist.
  2. Paladin: Paladins are hybrid classes that excel at supporting and healing allies. While they can tank and deal damage, their performance in those roles may be overshadowed by other dedicated classes. Paladins also have limited mobility and resource management compared to other classes, which can impact their overall effectiveness.
  3. Shaman: Shamans are versatile support classes that can heal, deal damage, and provide group buffs. However, they are often overshadowed by other healing classes in a pure healing role. Shamans also have limited crowd control options and may require more strategic positioning and coordination to maximize their potential.

It’s important to note that these classes can still be viable and enjoyable to play, especially if you enjoy their unique mechanics and playstyle. Ultimately, the class you choose should align with your preferences and play goals. If you’re unsure, consider researching more in-depth class guides and seeking advice from experienced players to make an informed decision.


Of course, it’s up to you to choose a class, we’re only giving an overall assessment of effectiveness in a particular situation. In any case, everyone will have an opportunity to create a couple of heroes of different classes after the launch of WoW Season of Mastery!