Christina Hendricks Body Measurements (Plus Learn How to Look Perfect for Summer 2020)

There is no doubt that every woman wants to look perfect, simply said, to shine. However, while it is possible, we cannot say that it is easily achievable and that it can happen overnight. So, you need to invest some time, effort and eventually, you will get a se*y body. Men will be crazy about you.

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If you pay attention, many celebrities really look fantastic wherever they appear and attract the attention of many people. One of them, for example, is gorgeous Christina Hendricks. This lady is one of the sexiest women on earth. Christina is a former model and now she is a very successful actress. We decided to dedicate today’s text to her as well as to her body measurements. Also, we’ll introduce the workout plan that makes her look gorgeous. So, if you’re ready, let’s get started.

Life and Career

As we said, Christina Hendricks is one of the sexiest women in the world at the moment. Her full name is Christina Rene Hendricks and she was born on May 3 of 1975, in Knoxville, Tennessee, United States. As a pretty young girl, at just 18, she moved to New York City. She worked as a model there for a while, after which she began her successful acting career, in the year of 1999.

So far, she has won 13 major awards, most notably the Critics’ Choice Television Awards twice, the Screen Actors Guild Awards, the Gold Derby Awards, and the Golden Nymph Awards. We have to point out that she has been nominated 6 times for the Primetime Emmy Awards. Also, most of the awards and nominations are due to a role in the “Mad Man” TV series.

Christina Hendricks Body Measurements

Now, finally, we need to discover Christina Hendricks’ body measurements and determine how she managed to keep her hot body even in the fifth decade of her life.

So, Christina is 171 cm (5 feet and 7 inches) tall and weighs 73 kg (161 pounds). When it comes to her breasts, waist, and hip, the measurements are 107-76-99 in cm or 42-30-39 in inches. Christina’s shoe size is 8 in US measures or 38.5 for EU, while dress size is 12 in US measures or 42 for the EU. Her cup size is F, while her bra size is 36F.

You are probably wondering how she manages to have a se*y body? Well, it’s all about nutrition and exercise. According to numerous sources, Christina uses very little sugar, starch, and carbohydrates in her diet. She prefers healthy foods, but her menu sometimes includes Greek yogurt, spaghetti, chips, cappuccino, and French onion. When it comes to workout, Hendricks uses a treadmill, BOSU ball, weights, but also practices push-ups and sit-ups. So, these are the elements of her workout that make her look perfect and attractive.

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