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Chris Petrovski Net Worth 2021 – Life, Career, Body Characteristics

Chris Petrovski is an actor born in Bitola, Macedonia on April 8, 1991. He is mostly known for playing the role of Dmitri Petrov in a TV show called Madam Secretary.

Life and career

Even though Chris was born in Macedonia he left his home pretty early in life, when he was an infant to be exact. His parents decided to move to New Zealand. While in high school over there he hired an agent managed to get a role as an extra in a production of Spartacus: War of the Damned. His high school education was at New Zealand’s One Tree Hill College and that’s where he got some practice for his acting career by being in the school’s Hamlet play. After that, he went on to graduate from the Unitec Institute of Technology’s acting program in New Zealand. He managed to receive a scholarship which enabled him to move to Los Angeles, California where he attended Stella Adler Acting Academy, from which he also got a degree. In 2013 he had a role in a movie called All Cheerleaders Die and in 2014 he got a role in the movie Coldwater. He has married since then.

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While working on the show Madam Secretary, Chris Petrovski played the role of Dmitri Petrov, he appeared in the second and fourth season while he was a guest actor in season 3 and 5. He played a 24-year-old Russian army captain who was enrolled in the National War College. The plot goes like this, Dmitri Petrov was recruited by Professor Henry McCord, but it wasn’t his idea, it was all the workings of the CIA. His objective was to become an American spy and as “thanks” for doing that his very sick sister would get the medical treatment, she needed in Stockholm, Sweden. Later on, in the show, he gets captured by the Russians and they use him yet again to make an exchange with the Americans for a different traitor of the state. After he was captured Dmitri Petrov starts feeling betrayed and abandoned by professor Henry and becomes quite angry and bitter towards him. Although he is somewhat lucky and gets placed into a witness protection program while also changing his name into Alexander Alex Mehranov. In season 4 the CIA decides to recruit him and he becomes an analyst there.

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Some other movies he worked on over the years were Live to tell from 2012, Finding Dad from the same year, Loss of Life 2013, Soledad 2014, Tourbillion 2016, In The Moment 2016, Barrio 2016, Breaking Brooklyn 2018 and National Justice 2018.

Net Worth

Chris Petrovski’s net worth is thought to be somewhere around $0.3 million dollars. Most of that money he made with his acting career and mostly with Madam Secretary, In the Moment and Coldwater. Even though he hasn’t really had many or any big achievements or awards, he’s still led a decent life and made a good living as an actor while having some good roles in TV shows and movies.

Body Characteristics

Rowing in Central Park #workout #summerscoming #sweat #tanning #lovelife

671 Likes, 28 Comments – Chris Petrovski (@cpetrovski) on Instagram: “Rowing in Central Park #workout #summerscoming #sweat #tanning #lovelife”

The actor could be considered handsome and to have an athletic build. He doesn’t have any tattoos on his body and he’s never smoked in his life, so he’s very healthy.

• Hair color – Regular brown
• Eye color – Brown
• Height – 175 cm
• Weight – 68 kg

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