How do I choose my future profession as a student?

This question worries not only schoolchildren before admission, but also many of those who, after working, realized that they do not do what they would like.

The whole point is that people often go to study where it is easier to get in, or for the company, or simply not knowing all the nuances of the chosen profession. In general, they go without thinking or with false expectations. Which leads to the loss of money, time and nerves.

Therefore, what do you need to do before choosing a profession?

First, decide for yourself what you like to do, and how it relates to making money. Of course, if you like drinking beer and sitting in social networks, then it is unlikely it can be associated with career growth and good earnings.

So, think harder. Second. If you are just graduating from school, then take all imaginable and unimaginable tests on career guidance. They are not very good, but at least it is something. It is better; of course, if you work in different areas, so to speak, try their hand. If you want to become a journalist or, for example, PayToWritePaper writer, there are many different courses and websites that will gladly help you with this. And then you can help other students. Again, this requires time, and the profession should choose now. In any case, it is necessary to determine their preferences. Therefore, we move on to the next step.

Thirdly, Look for the most popular professions. What they are, how much they pay. Especially important is what kind of education is needed for them. Because, it is for choosing where to study and all the above actions are necessary. It is better to study once and then happily work than to try a bunch of universities and colleges, kill a lot of time and effort (money, too, by the way), and then work as a salesman-consultant. Although it may be funnier, you graduate from a prestigious university with honors, and your specialty is not needed and you work as a sales representative. In any case, you need to work on your choice properly!

In general, do not be lazy. Study the labor market. Compare your capabilities, your desires and the realities of life. Difficulties will have to be overcome in any case!

Now let us look at what should be the chosen profession:

It should match your hobbies as closely as possible.

You should see yourself in this profession. See your professional and career growth.

You should enjoy overcoming the challenges of your occupation. Want to grow in the profession. If what you choose does not meet the above requirements, then you did a poor job before choosing your occupation…

In conclusion, I want to list a few very in-demand professions that require a college degree:

Sales Manager. The most in-demand profession today, and pay, by the way, is normal, if you sell… The salary may not be – this is a minus, but a high percentage of sales – a plus!


An accountant, my darling … is also a highly sought-after profession, which comes in second place. Pay as always – better than many others do!

Programmers. In our high-tech age, you cannot do without them. Pay experienced programmers are also not bad. This is how much is not bad? It varies, but on average 30-45 thousand rubles per month, depending on the region, company and other factors.

Project managers, development. In general, all kinds of managers whose work is related to planning, execution control and strategic business development. The average salary is 34,000 rubles per month. Again, it all depends on the firm and the region where you work.

Where to continue education, which university and specialty to choose – the problem is relevant to many, and further success largely depends on how correctly it will be solved. The diploma you get can have a significant impact on your future career, so you should choose an educational institution responsibly.

First, decide what you want to be, what profession you want to dedicate your life to. Relatives and friends are ready to give out advice, but it is a subjective opinion that corresponds more to their inclinations. A more objective assessment of your abilities and passions can give a psychologist or a specialist in career guidance. After listening to everyone, think seriously, weigh the pros and cons, assess the financial capabilities and make a final decision. Then you can proceed to the choice of university.

Finding the Right University

With all the variety of alternative educational institutions, the public universities inspire the greatest confidence and they should be considered first.

If you have chosen a private educational institution, find out about its accreditation. The diploma received at an unaccredited high school is not recognized by the state, and there is no guarantee that it will be competitive in the labor market.

At an accredited private institution of higher education, you need to clarify how many years of training will last and whether there will be an opportunity for credit, as at the state educational institution.

The reputation of the institution, the technical equipment of the classrooms, the teaching staff – it is very important to get this information. Websites and directories, friends and acquaintances, and finally, personal presence at the open house will tell a lot.

When applying to several universities at the same time, make sure the list of admission tests is approximately the same. In any case, your chances will be determined by the quality of knowledge obtained in school.

A library will save you the expense of buying textbooks, and a dormitory will help out-of-town students.

A diploma opens the door to a future life, and it is up to you to decide what that life will be like.

Ricardo is a freelance writer specialized in politics. He is with from the beginning and helps it grow. Email: richardorland4[at]