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How To Choose the Best Foosball Table

What is a foosball table?

A foosball table may be a fun investment and a wonderful addition to any home or business. Once you start researching which table to shop for, you would possibly be surprised to seek out there are numerous different sorts of foosball tables. Trying to settle on the simplest foosball table is often tricky with numerous variations available. Let’s undergo a number of considerations to form to assist you to select the proper foosball table for your needs.

What is the difference between Professional and Home Models?

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There are two grades of foosball table: professional and residential models. The professional foosball tables generally include the more advanced features wanted by more competitive foosball enthusiasts, like counter-weighted men and top quality table levelers along with scoring systems. This is the bulk of professional-grade foosball tables are built to a better standard than your average home model. This typically means higher quality materials and craftsmanship, however, this can not always be the case.

What Will You Consider Before Buying One?

Now, first, you need to decide what sort of foosball table you would like, it might be good to look for online foosball table reviews to seek out the best value. Another feature available on some professional models may be a coin mechanism, making the table a profit-generating coin-op table. One of the biggest differences you will notice between the different foosball tables is the total number of men on the goalie rod. There are some tables where you find only a single goalie, however, some of the tables equipped with side defender mounted on a different side of the goalie end. This is known as the 3 man goalie system. American foosball tables use the same technique, however, 1 man goalie system wont to be more prevalent. The 1 man goalie system remains hottest in Europe. There are many numbers of tables that are often converted back and forth between a 1 man and 3 man goalie system.

The most common fostables are wooden laminate foosball tables because they are stable in weight and cost, however, most common these days are Plastic foosball tables because of low pricing but they lack stability as compared to the wooden laminate foosball tables. Metal tables are the best one but they come up with the increased price and weight. The best reason to urge a non-wood-laminate foosball table is that, if you would like a weatherproof table that has a solid weatherproof foosball table made up of a top-quality resin will fit your needs perfectly. This FoosballTableGuide of buying a foosball table will make it much easier for you to work out and what sort of foosball table is true for you.

What is the Different Style of the foosball tables?

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All foosball tables come in different categories and they are specific to different countries too. The different styles the game is available are American, European, French and Spanish. The characteristics of each style and game are different. You need to pick up the style you are aware of and purchase it from the market. Also, you need to consider the durability of the product, sometimes it is quite difficult, however, before you purchase the foosball table, we need to consider these important points.

What is the difference between European Style or American Style foosball tables?

The major difference between European Style or American is in the style of playing of the foosball table game. American style focussed on the speed of the game, however, European Style focussed on the ability to change the direction of motion without any loss of speed. This is the primary reason we are using cork balls in the European style. Also, in the American style, there are two defenders but in  European style tables, we just have a goalie.

What are game features?

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The major features are common with most of the tables. These features include entry and return of the ball along with side return and the leg levers. Leg levelers are particularly important since an uneven table will cause the ball to roll one way or the other, giving one side an advantage. The optional features you can consider that includes cup holders and octagonal handles along with neon lighting. More advanced tablets might offer an easy way to adjust the height of the table. Visit and find some of the best foosball tables for you.


There are many other criteria that will help you to decide the best foosball table, however, you need to consider the right options that are available in the market depending on your situation. You need to put some effort and research into your budget. You need to be sure about your choice because there is always a probability when you can buy the wrong product.

These are the points you should consider before you are planning to buy a foosball table. Kindly share and do post your comments.