China Defeated Corona Virus in Only 29 Days


According to our source, who was in communication with Chinese doctors who worked on testing and preventing the Coronavirus from spreading, they managed to defeat this serious virus in 29 days. The methodology was pretty simple, the key thing for defeating COVID-19 is strong and strict isolation. Also, our source says that doctors told him that the crucial element in spreading this disease was the communication and touching within the families.

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So, they’ve decided to maintain strict isolation even within the families. Naturally, this is not the only element that affected the spreading of this virus. The next big thing they did was the isolation of specialized hospitals for COVID-19 patients only. Last but not least, the third element was obtaining the necessary equipment.

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Chinese doctors even gave an example of their successful methodology. In the province of Hainan, which has a population of 9.2 million people, they did exactly that and they prevented the virus from spreading further than it was already done. Probably the most important thing that we’ve heard is that the epidemy begins declining after 60%-70% becomes infected.

The conclusion is that the behavior of this virus is unpredictable. There were cases when some people were tested 6 times in a row, and only the sixth test turned out positive. No doubt, this will give some serious headaches to doctors around the world. Nevertheless, the first step has been made, we have some new knowledge that could turn out to be crucial in the prevention of this dangerous virus.