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It’s easy to lose contact with someone after a long period of time being separated. In many cases, people want to get in touch with old friends met in previous years, but have not kept in contact so you can imagine how difficult it is to find someone. There could be dozens of reasons as to why, or how, two people could lose contact. Maybe you’ve resettled to another state, or college has forced you to move out of your town. But no matter what the reasons, CheckThem is a great way to find out about past friends and family members and easily get in touch with.

CheckThem enables you the option of finding people in a convenient and easy matter. Their platform has a global database containing billions of records that will enable you to establish contact with people from your past. The process is extremely easy and all you have to do is fill up a few blank spaces. Namely, in order to find someone all you have to do is enter their name and the state in which they live, the rest is done by CheckThem.

There are many ways and reasons why someone would search for a person and some of them are:


•    Search Personal Information

CheckThem enables you the best way to find a person’s personal information such as phone number, address history, e-mail address, and all their social media profiles.

•    Search a Significant Other

Have you met someone recently and want to know more about what you’re getting into? CheckThem enables you to search for someone’s public past in order to get them better and get a better feel of what kind of person they are.

•    Review Their Marriage and Divorce Records

CheckThem saves you the trouble of visiting a courthouse in order to browse marriage and past divorce records.

•    Browse Someone’s Lawsuit Records

CheckThem gives you the option of successfully browsing someone’s past lawsuit records, as well as, civil records and court cases.


•    Reconnect with Family and Friends

With CheckThem you can easily reconnect with all your past friends and long-lost family members, with just a few clicks.

•    Get to Know Your Neighbors Better

Want to know who is living on your street? Discover more about the people in your community through a people search.

•    View Employment History

With CheckThem you can find out more about your business associates and determine whether they can be trusted or not.

•    Find License Records

CheckThems national database allows you to see accurate licensing information through the use of their algorithms.


•    Search Yourself

A great way to see how other people view you online and it’s just like looking yourself in the mirror.

•    Search out of Curiosity

With CheckThem, you don’t need a reason to search someone. CheckThem is a great tool to view someone’s net worth, online profiles, and basic information.

With this service, you can easily get in contact with lost friends and family members. More so, with CheckThem you can retrieve public records on individuals in order to better understand who they are and what they do. It represents a great tool that substitutes the hassle of visiting courthouses, or tracking down a clerk.