Caulfield Cup Favorites 2024: A Look at the Top Contenders


There is something about racing that attracts people, regardless of whether we are talking about cars, motorcycles, or horse racing. The latter one might be the best one for adrenaline rush seekers as when there is not just a human factor that affects the placement during the race, it makes the entire race much more interesting.

People who love horse races must reserve the first Tuesday in November to watch one of the world’s most famous cups, the Caulfield Cup, which is expected to be as good as always. The fact that this competition initially started back in 1879 speaks for itself, so we will jump straight to the point and explain what it is, but also take a close look at the top contenders and main favorites.

What is it?

Let’s start with the basics and explain this big competition in a way that even the newbies in horse racing can understand its importance. As we have already mentioned, the first Caulfield Cup was held in 1879, and since then, it has been one of the most important competitions. There are eighteen contenders, plus one, which is chosen to take a shot if one of the horses is unable to compete, and the winner is the one who finishes the 2400m race first. However, this race is everything but easy, and only the best horses have the opportunity to participate, which also means that the winner must be the best among the equals.

The winner gets the big prize, as besides $5 million, they also get the opportunity to participate in Australia’s biggest race, Melbourne Cup, seventeen days later. Each horse that finishes the race in the first ten places gets a monetary reward for participating. Another interesting fact is that the tenth place goes home with $120k, which is a great motivator and something that simply adds a bit more intrigue to the entire race. Overall, every position matters, which enhances the entire experience for everyone who loves horse racing.

The top contenders

Since this Cup gathers only the best horses that can win this prestigious title, it is pretty challenging to make predictions and pick the favorites, but we will focus more on some of them that attract the attention of many experts.


Let’s start with the only lady in this group, a mare named Montefilia. She is one of the favorites for a reason, as she already has four Group 1 titles, and her latest results only prove that this race is something that she can easily perform and potentially win. Her great genes are noticed even by the Yulong empire, which specializes in horse racing and breeding real champions, and they bought Montefilia to preserve her offspring once her racing career is over.

Gold Trip

Last year was one of the best for Gold Trip, and many people see him as the major favorite for Caulfield Cup runner, thanks to that. Gold Trip is one of the most expensive horses ever imported, but luckily for his owners, his results imply that they made a great decision. The best way to showcase why Gold Trip is among the favorites to win the race this year is because of the win in the Melbourne Cup last year. Of course, Ben Melham, an experienced jockey, is also responsible for these results, and it seems like the perfect combination, along with how good of an understanding the jockey has with the horse, is what separates Gold Trip from the rest.

The only reason why Gold Trip might not perform at such a high level this year is regarding its weight. Namely, having three kilos more than the next heaviest weight in the race might be a problem. On the other hand, it had just a kilo less last year when it won the Melbourne Cup, meaning that this weight should pose a concern.

West Wind Blows

Well, this is a relatively new horse, but those who follow horse racing are already familiar with West Wind Blows. Namely, even though in the only race here, it finished second in the Turnbull, the chances are high that West Wind Blows will pose a threat to other more familiar names. Another key insight is how its jockey, Jamie Spencer, rode it, as his style was pretty harsh, but even though not every horse could perform at such a pace, West Wind Blows kept giving and giving. This has shown everyone that they must keep it in mind when picking on which horse to bet. Caulfield Cup betting seems to never be more interesting, as picking the winner or guessing the placement has never been tougher.

Without a Fight

Saying that many British stayers have trouble performing in their first Australian run is not news, but this one has shown everyone its worth with two wins. Yes, Without a Fight struggled from a wide gate, but that seems not to be a problem the jockey cannot overcome, as coming from the back, which is what separates good stayers from the rest. Overall, the placement and whether it would be a contender to win it all depends on how it would adapt and perform as it starts from barrier seven. The choice is yours whether to bet on Without a Fight, but due to high odds, doing so is, at least, definitely worth considering.


Soulcombe horse

There are many factors that determine how great of a racer some horse will be, how it will perform while racing, and how gentile it is. Of course, the entire organization behind the scenes, from trainers to jockeys, also plays a huge role, which is something Soulcombe definitely has. This stayer should pose a threat as his start in this year’s Melbourne Cup is guaranteed due to its performance in Australia last spring. As for why this is important, it’s simple – Soulcombe can relax and keep its strength to perform the best when it matters the most because trainers and everyone involved can prepare him meticulously for the spring. On the other hand, considering Soulcombe runs this year alone, it looks promising, as it had three pretty great campaigns.

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