Can Kylie Jenner Save Young People from Coronavirus?

Coronavirus is all people are talking about nowadays, isn’t it? Well, this is the hottest topic for the right reason. We are witnessing that the numbers of patients are getting higher by the day. Moreover, all of the predictions are saying that it’s not going to leave us soon. Even though the officials are doing their best to prevent the virus from spreading, this is still a time of uncertainty and stress. One of the measures is that people need to limit their social behavior. Read here to find out what are the celebrities doing to be of help during these hard days.

Are Young People Taking Coronavirus Seriously Enough?

Our lives are constantly changing these days and adapting to the prevention of spreading of this dangerous virus. Sadly, not everyone is prepared to join the fight with the majority of the population. It’s like not everyone is realizing that these measures are crucial for prevention. As you have probably seen, media coverages and the headlines about the coronavirus are endless.

Nevertheless, some of the media are talking about the behavior of the young population. It looks like they don’t take this danger seriously. From basketball games to spring break parties, we have witnessed a great number of stories and news that tell us that a certain percentage of the public is defying measures ordered by the government. More importantly, as time passes, we got numerous evidence and data that indicate younger people are not so safe as we thought initially.

Surgeon General Asks Kylie Jenner for Help

A few days ago, we have seen an interview with Dr. Jerome Adams, Surgeon General of the US, in which he made a statement related to the global pandemic of coronavirus. He appeared in a morning show “Good Morning America”. His words and pleas were loud and clear. His comments and statements reinforced his intentions. He said that the government needs the help of social media influencers who need to educate a large number of people that this is a pretty serious pandemic.

In order to gain all the essential support of all of the public in the US, Dr. Adams hopes that his plea to social media influencers will help in educating the younger population who doesn’t take the danger seriously. A large percentage of the public is eager to blame the millennials. At first, we thought that this is nothing serious. However, at the second look, it really looks like that the levels of carelessness and ignorance are pretty worrying. This was the reason Dr. Adams asked Kyle Jenner for help.

What did Kylie Jenner Said About Coronavirus?

When Surgeon General reached out for help, Kylie Jenner was more than happy to help and spread the message about the dangers of this global pandemic. She posted several pictures saying that this is a danger that needs to be taken seriously. After that, she posted a video where she asks people to practice self-quarantine and social distancing. Moreover, she told that many people don’t even know that they carry COVID-19 and that they need to be careful not to spread it. Dr. Adams anticipates that it would be much easier for influences like Kylie Jenner to get to the younger population than the general government itself. It looks like this is the right way to go.

What Other Celebrities Say About COVID-19?

Andrew Cuomo, the Governor of New York, is on the same page as Dr. Jerome Adams. The governor asked popular actor Danny DeVito to make a video in which he will encourage people to behave as best as they can during this time of hardship. As always, we had the pleasure of seeing some of DeVito’s brilliant humor, even he was very serious in the video he filmed.


Moreover, more celebrities have joined the national campaign since then. Reese Witherspoon also reached out through social media and tried to influence the younger population about taking this pandemic seriously. Also, she shared some positive affirmations that can bring us calmness and peace during this highly stressful time. You should keep an eye out for more celebrities who are trying to help out as much as they can through their social media accounts.

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