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Can An Android Phone Be Hacked Remotely?


Smartphones have become an indispensable aspect of our lives.

Ever since they emerged in the world stage a couple of years ago, they became everyone’s most important tool.

Today, there are smartphones available in a variety of makes and designs.

And the variations hold true for their operating system as well. There are today a range of operating systems available, which include, among others, Android, Windows, iOS, Java and so on.

Of them all, one of the most important and popular is undoubtedly the android. Today, a vast percentage of smartphones run on the Android OS. As much as it might be a great thing, it does have its own downsides as well, one of which is a vulnerability to hacking. Given that it is used by a large percentage of people, hackers tend to target it more than other operating systems. This brings one important question, which is this …

“Can an android phone be hack remotely?”

According to, there are several things to consider when it comes to android phones being hacked remotely.

Given in the list below are some of the most important factors if one wishes to know if android phones can be hacked.

1. The version of the Android OS

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If there is one thing that hackers have learned, it is that older versions are easier to hack than later ones.

And the reason for this is simple. Older Android versions tend to have many more vulnerabilities than the newer ones. The vulnerabilities, in turn, tend to range from flaws in the code to ignore sections of the overall architecture that leave an open door to hackers.

In simple words, one of the biggest indicators of an android phone’s vulnerability would be the version installed on the device.

The solution would be to simply upgrade the phone’s OS or get a different phone if the OS cannot be upgraded.

2. The Nature of the Installed Apps

Another important way, in which the hacks take place, is through the apps that are installed on the phone.

This is because many apps come bundled with malware that allows for the android phones to be hacked remotely. While this is not possible at all times, such downloads can take place on the official channels like the Google Play store as well.

At the same time, however, it is possible for some of the apps on the store to be deliberately bundled with malware, rootkits and so on, which can help hackers to gain control of the device. This is a problem that has been addressed multiple times, given how apps are often deleted from the play store and other places for being malevolent in nature.

A suitable scan of the software being used through antivirus software, and checking to see if the app is still in the store, can help out with this issue.

3. The Presence of Antivirus Software

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Using antivirus software is one of the best ways to keep the phone free of any viruses and other malware that could help the hackers.

By using suitable antivirus software, it can be pretty easy to eliminate any potential threats, before it becomes a real nightmare.

Also to add here is that the software itself being used can be both free and paid. This is something that the user will have to decide, based on their personal preferences and budgets.

4. The Nature of the WiFi Network

If there is one easy way hackers can gain entry into an android phone, it would be through the use of WiFi. It is especially problematic when it comes to free WiFi networks in public places.

Given that free networks tend to have no passwords or other safeguards, it is common for people to use them for regular browsing. While this might be a great thing, it does come with the problem of attracting those who might be into hacking and other such activities.

Since WiFi is an open channel where data is transmitted freely, both in and out of the android phone, it is a convenient way for the hackers to access them for whatever purpose they may seem fit.

Being cautious around unknown WiFi connections, installing antivirus software and using passwords to secure WiFi networks are the most common strategies.

5. The Nature of the Bluetooth Network

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With the passage of time, the usage of Bluetooth to share data between devices has diminished, in favor of WiFi and other file sharing channels.

Nevertheless, Bluetooth remains a common way for many people to share data between devices. While Bluetooth tends to be less of a target to people than others, it is a potential risk.

The cause of the problem comes from open Bluetooth connections, which tend to remain open even after the file-sharing has been completed.

The solution for this is to simply close Bluetooth connections the moment it is no longer in use.

6. Open & Unused Ports

A port can be understood as a gateway for data to enter and leave a device, android as well as others. All devices need ports to communicate with each other, and number in the hundreds or even thousands.

Data can travel through these ports, only in cases when the ports remain open; in the event that a port is closed, no data will be allowed to move back and forth from the device. Also to note is that the data that is transferred applies to everything without exception; WiFi, Bluetooth, Mobile Data, etc, for all of them, make use of one sort or another.

In general, the default settings of the OS and other software will ensure that ports remain closed at all times, until the time they are required. But there may be events when these remain open even though it isn’t in use. Hackers can make use of these open ports, with little to no effort.

There are several ways this problem can be addressed, which includes among others, installing software that monitor unused ports, installing antivirus software and if you are tech-savvy, using software that helps you to manually open and close ports.

7. Pirated Apps

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Last but certainly not the least, would be the use of pirated software.

Many people download pirated software for the simple reason that it is free. Quite often, pirated software is bundled with hacking tools, which open a backdoor into the android device. This can, in turn, help them to gain access to the device without your knowledge.

The simple solution for this is to either use freeware apps or pay for those apps which you want.

Last but not least, it should be added that there are many more factors that would determine whether Android phones can be hacked.

The above-mentioned ways ones are by far some of the most common ones when it comes to android phones being hacked remotely.

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