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Call Tracking Service: How Does It Benefit Your Business?


Call tracking service is one of the oldest forms of marketing management tools that have been used for decades. It’s effectiveness in helping both small and established businesses monitor and determine their marketing focus is a proven fact.

So, how can your business benefit from a call tracking service? How do you save your business thousands of dollars and valuable time?

First off, does a call tracking service work?

It’s been proven it does. As many as 29% of inbound calls can result in a conversion.

More importantly, though, it can ease your service delivery, and provide value for your money.

We bet your business has a phone number or two listed somewhere, whether it’s on your website or a blog. But of course, you don’t just want it to be out there somewhere. You want those much-needed business leads.

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However, what if someone calls you outside your business hours? Or you miss picking one on a holiday? A call tracking service such as Callgear, ensures your business knows about your potential clients.

How Does It Benefit Your Business?

Apart from accountability, as a business, you are interested in the quality of your calls. These, after all, are calls that actually lead to sales. Through a call tracking service, you can know what your calls are about, making it easier for your business to track leads.

Here are the different reasons you will love a good call tracking software.

1. Ability to measure the effectiveness of web content

Tracking caller activity on your website will tell you how much time the caller took on your website, what they were most likely doing a why they placed the call. You can get insights on how your web content converts visitors into leads.

2. Accurately optimize marketing campaign

Only when you can account for every conversion in the product lifecycle can you accurately optimize your marketing for what works.

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3. Provides knowledge of what your clients need.

Every business struggles with this question. How well do you know your customers or clients? With a call tracking service call can be recorded, classified and sorted according duration of the call, reason for the call, are where the calls are coming from and age of the people calling.

4. It’s Easy to Key Information with Just a click.

With a call tracking service, you get all the information you need. Know about your goods and services, about your management, and about future trends.

As a business, you want to know who is calling to place orders, who’s making a complaint what complaint it is, who is putting up suggestions and so on. You also want to know how are your staff responding to these calls, are they professional when answering those calls, are they turning them into actual customers or you are actually losing customers because of your staff.

Having that information will be valuable in helping you know which areas your staff need improvement, how to measure performance and motivate your employees or whether or not you actually need staffing.

5. Helps in product development.

Product development takes time and resources to accomplish. It a process that many companies go through by trial and error. For small organizations with no financial muscle, the risks can be too many. With a good call tracking service for your business though,  you get to know your customers more.

Different customers call for various reasons; some of that reason could be suggestions on which product they are interested in. You can, therefore, develop a product that you are sure your customers will buy.

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6. Contributes to Market Research

Knowing which demography you serve is important. However, knowing which other demography you are missing out on is important too. Why? Because every business wants to grow. With a call tracking service customised to your needs, you can track every demography and know how best you can satisfy them.

You are thus able to create a competitive age among your competitors strategically.

7. Better service delivery

Your service provider is capable of providing you with information on how your employees are answering calls; you can then review and make necessary adjustments and improvement, enabling you to excel in customer delivery.

8. Ability to measure full customer lifecycle

Customers now will engage with businesses on desktops, mobile phones, over the phone and in person at any point in the customer lifecycle. Marketers will need to measure and attribute every one of these points of engagement. Call tracking plays a critical role in helping marketers understand the complete path their customers take to make a purchase.

With a reliable call tracking service, your business can experience value and realize the full potential of your marketing strategies.

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