Colin Kaepernick in the gym

Call A Chiropractor, NFL & Jay-Z Bent Out of Shape Over Colin Kaepernick’s Perfect Form

Colin Kaepernick shocked the media last weekend when he, at the last minute, changed the location of his NFL sponsored workout. According to Kaepernick, this decision was due to disagreements with the NFL over media coverage and a disputed waiver.

The new venue was at a high-school football facility 45 miles away from the original location in Atlanta. This made it difficult for club representatives who had flown in for the event to travel there.

Only a small fraction of the teams were able to attend the workout at this new venue.  And despite the drama, several NFL executives and sports analysts were still impressed with Kaepernick’s capabilities as a quarterback.

During the workout itself, Kaepernick spent 40 minutes throwing with receivers. He also made a statement for the press.

Afterward, sports analysts at the Boston Globe reported that Kaepernick “showed that even at 32 years old, with nearly three years away from football, he still has a great arm”.

CBS Sports reporter, Jason La Canfora also commented on how Kaepernick looked. Speaking on Twitter, he said:

“Colin Kaepernick got some very positive feedback from the scouts in attendance about his elite arm strength and ability to throw the deep ball”.

It is evident that Kaepernick is physically ready to be back on the field. However, his disputes with the NFL show that there is a lot more to football than just playing the game. Pro athletes need chiropractors as well as good business and public relations advisors to help them make the right decisions.

The NFL and Jay-Z Disappointed

Kaepernick’s change of venues not only restricted his in-person exposure to executives and talent scouts, it also hurt his relationship with the NFL.

In an official statement, the NFL said, “We are disappointed that colin did not appear for his workout”.

They also laid out several ways that they had tried to accommodate Kaepernick’s increasing requests. However, they could not budge on turning the ‘private event’ into a public one.

NFL entertainment and activism partner, Jay-Z, also had thoughts on the matter. One source reported he was “disappointed with Colin’s actions and believes he turned a legitimate workout into a publicity stunt.”

Pro athletes need chiropractors and good business advisors

Colin Kaepernick’s latest media fiasco shows that pro athletes need chiropractors such as Renew Chiropractic and other specialized advisors for their careers. Relationships with the press, the NFL, and other high-profile organizations can be difficult to navigate. And Kaepernick would have benefited from public relations advice in this situation.

It is not enough anymore to just be a talented athlete. Players must be able to work together with organizations, negotiate good deals, and learn how to compromise.

Kaepernick’s dust up with the NFL is now a distraction in the news. The headlines are not about how he looked as an athlete. They’re about how difficult he is to work with.

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