6 Tips for Buying Your First Set of Airsoft Gear

Airsoft is a sport where two teams try to have as much fun as possible. It is a military simulation sport that is most similar to paintball. Airsoft has its roots in Japan where it has developed as a fun team game. It flourished in the US where, along with paintball, it became a very popular team game because of its realism, safety, and affordability.

Airsoft “weapons” are faithful replicas of real weapons, they are equal in size, detail, and almost the same weight. The essence of the airsoft equipment mechanism itself is that it expels a plastic ball with a small amount of air.

Unlike paintball, no colored balls are used here and the primary purpose of airsoft is to provide a more realistic experience.

What do I need to start?

Rifle (or pistol), battery, battery charger, ammunition, and safety glasses! Do I have to buy all that equipment right away? Of course not, the equipment can also be rented. So, you can try more weapons before you buy them. If you want, you can even organize your own meeting! Rifles and equipment can be rented for each organized meeting. Do I have to use the same equipment as everyone else? Given the terrain and combat conditions, we absolutely recommend military equipment that is proven to be the best. Some teams may have standardized equipment internally.

You have decided to step into the world of airsoft and the first thing you need is the basic equipment for doing this sport, and that is an airsoft replica. If you are not renting a replica then it is time to buy one. Here are some tips to help you buy.


Think about your precision. If you consider yourself a patient and precise player, choose a sniper. Also, the dynamics of the game play a big role, ie whether you are more for slower matches and target shooting or you are prone to fast dynamic play.

It is also important to think about the size of the terrain in advance. If there is less space, the weapon should be the same.

Speed and intensity of ball firing

This is something you should pay attention to. The firing energy of airsoft weapons is significantly lower than that of standard air guns. Also, many airsoft fields have a prominent rule about the rate of fire of bullets.


As with any item we buy, quality plays a very important role. In this sport, quality is almost always equivalent to the price. So, if something is quite cheap, there is a good chance that the quality is also in question. Make sure you find a quality replica with a metal gearbox and a quality battery charger.

Battery life

Since this is a weapon that you can charge, battery life is a very important factor to consider. The duration depends on the battery size and weather conditions. The factor that most significantly affects the battery life is the capacity expressed in milliampere-hours (mAh). The average battery is about 1700 mAh which is enough for about 2000 cracked balls at room temperature (about 1300 per winter). Experience has shown that it is almost impossible to shoot 2,000 balls in a match. Battery voltages (7.2 8.4 9.6 12V …) increase the firing speed but are not recommended for “stock” rifles (ie those that are not upgraded). 8.4V batteries are more than enough for all rifles from the box (moreover, the manufacturers of most rifles recommend them).

Availability of spare parts

like any other item, something can break or break and you have to replace a part. Or buy a new rifle. Before you buy an airsoft replica, research the domestic and/or foreign market. Check the available spare parts and accessories. You may want to upgrade and upgrade your replica later.

Airsoft balls

Which airsoft balls and weights to choose from? This choice accompanies every airsoft throughout his career. Almost as a rule, beginners choose too light balls and pay too little attention to their quality (they use cheap airsoft balls of poor quality or even already cracked balls, but that is another topic). Many experienced airsofters fall into the trap of habit, and things have changed considerably over time. And while there aren’t too many doubts about choosing the quality of the balls (bad balls will ruin your every chance of success on the field), there are still doubts about the weight. Think again about the field on which you will play. If it is a smaller space, choose lighter balls because they lose speed over long distances.

What are the types of a fight?

There are two basic divisions by type of combat: “Mil-sim” (Military Simulation) emphasizes the reality of combat. Often with multiple players on larger pitches. This is where the training of the team and individuals comes to the fore. This is probably the closest to a real fight as possible without sacrificing security. You can click here to learn more about this amazing way to spend quality time with your squad!

The opposite of this type of gameplay is the “arcade-style”, which emphasizes the shooting itself. Mostly for fewer players and on small pitches.

These are the basic divisions, there are variations on the theme that it makes no sense to enumerate here. The organizer of each meeting determines these little things as needed.

Final thoughts

Airsoft does not require too much skill, power, speed, precision, and a lot of money. When it comes to skill, there are always older players to help and advice, but they are always open to suggestions. The Airsoft community is not toxic and caustic at all. You need just enough strength to carry your weight, the weight of the equipment, and the weight of the replica on the field. If you are fast it is good, if you are not the same it is good, you will be a more passive player. Precision is mastered very quickly and after a couple of matches, your hands adjust themselves to the target. And when it comes to money, you can rent equipment in the beginning, and if you like this sport (and will) you can invest little by little.

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