Busy Week For Trump at the White House As He Will Focus On Foreign Policy


With two major European leaders, French President and German Chancellor, coming to Washington this week, President Trump continues with his recent focus on foreign policy, after last week’s meeting with the Japanese Prime Minister.

Iran nuclear deal will feature prominently in these talks, as it represents a major stumbling block in the relationship between Trump and the United States’ European allies. President Macron has clearly stated that there is no plan B for Iran if Mr. Trump decides to unilaterally withdraw from the deal and its implementation.

Other points that will probably be discussed in the White House this week include President Trump’s foreign trade opinions, specifically steel and aluminum tariffs, which have managed to both confuse and anger many of the US trading partners. Both visitors will require assurances that Washington isn’t planning any major changes in its policies, especially those that will jeopardize the fragile global economy.

The upcoming meeting with the North Korean leadership and topics that will be discussed with Kim Jong Un are also something both France and Germany are keenly interested in. While the location for the summit hasn’t been decided yet, it would seem that Europe is the most suitable location, possibly Sweden or Switzerland.

President Trump’s legal troubles with Russia probe, especially in the light of the recent release of the former FBI Director James Comey’s memos are sure to cast a shadow over the meetings, since Germany and France are viewing Russia as a threat to the European and global security and an update on accusations of current administration colluding with Kremlin is something both leaders will require. To further complicate the matter, Michael Cohen, Mr. Trump’s personal lawyer had his home and office raided by the FBI. The status hearing on his request for FBI search of his premises to be declared illegal has been set for May 24th, giving the FBI almost five weeks to examine the evidence found in their raid.


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