Businesses Profiting with a Virtual Phone Number in the US?

Are you planning to grow your US-based business to the next level?

Is your business prepared to handle simultaneous calls from your global customers without the hassle of any “missed calls?” To convert more customer calls into sales leads, U.S.-based business enterprises are gradually switching from the “traditional” phone system to the more innovative “virtual phone system,” which uses the VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technology to deliver advanced phone services using the Internet. The success of the VoIP technology can be estimated from its projected global market, which is expected to cross $136 billion by the year 2020.

What is a Virtual phone system?

As the name suggests, the virtual phone system comprises of a virtual phone number that customers from any part of the globe can use just like a traditional phone number. However, unlike the conventional method, the virtual phone system is a more convenient, cheaper, and safer mode of communication with existing and prospective customers.

How do virtual phone numbers help any small or large U.S. business enterprise?

A significant influencer for the growth of virtual phone numbers is the increasing number of remote workers in the US along with the necessity to establish a local presence for the business in any US state. For example, a Seattle-based business can provide an improved customer experience to its Florida-based customers by providing them with a local virtual phone number (with local area code) that they can call without incurring any long-distance call charges.

Let’s now look at how virtual phone numbers can benefit your US-based business.

Benefits of Virtual Phone numbers

Does your business have a presence all across the US? Then, here is how a US Virtual Phone number can benefit your business:

  • Expand your business

According to a survey by Software Advice, individuals are 4 times more responsive to local calls as compared to a toll-free number. Virtual phone numbers enable your business calls to appear as local numbers to the call recipients, thus expanding your business reach to customers all across the US.

Additionally, a US Virtual phone number can help your business establish a local presence in a particular U.S. locality without incurring the expenses of owning a phone line. Local numbers are also convenient for local customers to call in with any support-related issues.

  • Lower your communication costs

Does your business incur high costs of communicating with your local and international customers? With the use of local area codes, virtual phone numbers can help you to reduce the expenses of long-distance and international phone calls for your customers, thus adding to their overall satisfaction levels.

Virtual phone numbers are also more cost-effective as compared to the expensive hardware required for the traditional phone system.

  • Reduce business losses

Missing important business calls can be detrimental to your overall business revenue. With over 80% of business communications still conducted over a phone, companies cannot afford to miss customer calls and lose their business. It is said most of the calling customers do not call back if their calls are unanswered the first time.

Virtual phone numbers can ensure that your business does not miss any business call from your potential customers at any time or from any location. The call forwarding feature of a virtual phone number allows calls to be forwarded or redirected to an employee who may be on an overseas business trip or to a remote worker.

  • Beneficial for smaller businesses too

If you are a small business, virtual phone numbers can be beneficial for your business operations too. For example, your mobile phone can be configured for receiving customer calls made through the virtual number. This eliminates your need to have multiple phone lines and devices for your business needs.

Choose your provider

There are plenty of providers from which you can choose from but one of them is CallHippo. 

Here are some of the advantages of using CallHippo virtual phone system:

  • Connect with international customers at minimal phone charges.
  • Easy to configure with your current phone system.
  • The convenience of paying only for what you use.

Eager to get a virtual phone number for your U.S.-based business? Start now! 


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