How Your Business is an Extension of Your Energy


The concept of energy isn’t a new one. It directly relates to how you absorb everything that is happening in your immediate environment or the world at large, and how you internalize it, then disseminate it out there. To truly understand energy, or how to supplement it, it’s crucial to understand the holistic nature of energy.

Energy is the fuel with which almost everything is achieved. When you take a deep look, you’ll realize that there’s a direct relationship between energy dissipated and the levels of accomplishment. Hardly can you see a burned-out, languished person achieving so much in life. On the other hand— energetic and positive individuals get to achieve much more out of life— more than the average person.

What energy are you putting into your business? The energy you put into your business is an important asset. And being at the forefront of your business, you’ve got to set the energy standard. You can’t expect others to maintain a particular energy level if you’ve not been able to set a standard. So, it’s crucial to take note of your energy— what gravitates, and what depletes it. When you have an idea of this, then you can nurture your energy level, and also go on to replicate the same among your teammates.

Energy is contagious. We easily model the energy that others dissipate. So, if you want great energy around, you should give off such great energy as well. With this, everyone’s energy balances. For instance, when you kickstart your day with a “don’t mess with me” energy, trust me, no one even wants to talk to you. Similarly, when you’ve got an endearing demeanor, people around you would want to associate or rub minds with you.

With that in mind, it’s important to know that there are 3 kinds of energy—  emotional, mental, and physical energy.

Emotional Energy

Emotional energy is the spark of life. It is the energy of enthusiasm, love, joy, or trauma. Your emotional energy makes life enjoyable for you— or not. Emotional energy drives us to go above and beyond.

When people take total control of their emotions, they improve the quality of their energy, regardless of whatever pressure comes their way. To take control of your emotions, you must become more aware of how you feel at various points in time— and why you feel that particular way. Without a doubt, most people perform exceptionally well when they are feeling positive emotional energy.

But then, what happens when you feel negative emotional energy? What do you do next?

TheSoulutionTherapist, healer, and psychotherapist— Karen Whelan, is an energy healer who heals people in varying conventional and unconventional ways as a result of what she has learned from a lifetime of pain and trauma.

She emphasizes the need to retreat and reflect in times like these. “As a therapist, I’m not here to fix. I’m here to show you who you are, so you can do the work yourself, and follow your own inner guidance. Feel into your body and see what the answer might be. We all struggle with something because we are not fully connected with ourselves, and we don’t know how to trust in ourselves,” Karen advises.

Without proper recovery from past trauma, we’re not physiologically capable of having and sustaining positive emotions for long periods. Especially when faced with relentless demands and unexpected shortcomings, people tend to slip into negative emotions. This state of mind drains energy and causes friction. This makes it impossible to think logically, clearly, and reflectively.

Physical Energy

“Manage your energy, not your time.”

This is raw energy. Your physical energy is what you use to do physical work or labor. Or say, the physical part of your business. This is also the primary energy used by those who earn their living by the sweat of their brow. In the ideal sense, we are meant to replenish this energy by sleeping at night. It’s as though we run on batteries throughout the whole day, then charge up at night against the next day.

A problem occurs when our batteries are not well-charged. This leads to sluggishness and the inability to function effectively at work. Physical energy often serves as a foundation to build other energies. If you don’t take care of your body first, it would be difficult to fortify your other energies. To arrive at optimum physical energy, there are 3 elements that must be well balanced— nutrition, fitness, and sleep.

Nutrition, fitness, and sleep are interwoven. You’ve got to feed well and take great amounts of water. At the same time, you’ve got to exercise your limbs and muscles, so they feel energized and healthy. Also, you must not deny yourself good sleep. At least 6 to 8 hours of sleep per day is necessary. When there’s a synchrony between these elements, your physical energy is fortified and there’s a great foundation for you to build your mental and emotional energy.

Mental Energy

Mental energy is the required energy for abstract thinking, creativity, problem-solving, and decision-making. Optimum mental energy is paramount in business and is also a major determinant of your overall quality of life.

A reason why some people fail in business is that they exhaust their energy at the physical and emotional level, and have little energy left for mental activities. A way people burn up their emotional energy is through the expression of anger or negative emotions in general— which is like a fire that consumes their energy rapidly, such that there’s only so little left to think objectively, positively, and constructively.

“Nobody puts anger in you, the anger was already in you. The person only had to trigger something in you to bring that anger up. If you look at what that anger is, you’ll realize that there’s a story behind the judgment. There’s something you see in that person that makes you so angry. Because this is more about you than it is about them,” Karen emphasizes.

For example, a five-minute outburst of anger can burn more energy than eight hours of work. Therefore, if you stay calm and positive even in the most troubling of situations, you get to reserve and channel more mental energy into your business.

Final Thoughts

Understanding how to increase energy isn’t a concern for athletes alone. It’s necessary for business owners and professionals to know how to increase their energy. This is because each energy is connected to the other, and depletion in one energy level affects the others.

“The culture of a business is like the immune system in a body. If the energy is off, work gets filtered down. This will in turn affect the partnerships within the business. If toxic, this automatically creates disharmony. With this in mind, each employee is responsible for the energy they bring into their workplace,” Karen suggests.

Whether you’re just starting a business, or you’ve been in it for a while, you’ve got to supplement your emotional, physical, and mental energy from time to time. By doing this, you get to reach a fulfilling and peak state in your business.

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