Business debt consolidation or refinancing – Which one to choose?

No businessperson or entrepreneur has been able to predict the business landscape entirely! There’s always something unpredictable about it. And there will be moments of lack of funds, where you have to source out the payment from an external source. Also, you need to repay the funds loaned; else you might fall into debt.

There will be a time when every business owner or an entrepreneur will have to modify their business debt. When this time comes, you will have a couple of smart options ready. All the options are targeted towards reducing your financial burden and minimizing the total cost. Does the thought of streamlining the business cash flow sound appealing to you? If yes, then you might as well want to opt-in for business debt consolidation or refinancing. Today, several companies can provide you with these options. These companies can also provide the necessary credit counseling necessary to decide between the two. To know more, you can check out


Simply put, business debt consolidation and refinancing are two diverse financial approaches for restructuring business debt. However, many have heard these two being used synonymously.  Discussed below are pointers that differentiate one from the other.

Understanding debt consolidation


The practice of debt consolidation merges all the loans you have in one single amount! The borrower is required to take out a brand-new loan that can help him or her to clear their current debt. Here you have only one payment to make every month than many payments at uncertain times. You also get one billing statement every month. Get more information from

The way debt consolidation can benefit your business


When you have several loans, with many repayments, the cash flow gets affected negatively. It could be that you experienced a business crisis and have been under financial stress. It could also be that you had drawn out an expensive, and presently, the cost APR is affecting you negatively. Alternatively, you might want to pay a lesser amount on it for the long run.

In any situation, you can always get the required help from a debt consolidation . It can elevate your financial stress and bring in the ease with its repayment terms. Do you have several short-term loans? If yes, then it’s a wise decision to consolidate it in the long run and get some time at hand for repayment. When it has a competitive interest rate, you can add to your savings.

On the other hand, if you are dabbling on various products and want a better option, debt consolidation can be the best remedy.

Understand the basics of loan refinancing


The practice of refinancing is all about drawing in a brand-new loan for paying the current on, for a specific reason. The reasons could be attaining an improved interest rate on a business or mortgage. The new loan amount will substitute the old one, and this will make your debt manageable. The word better here indicates low-interest rate, a more significant principle, longer term and the like.

You don’t need to have various outstanding debts to opt-in for a it refinancing option.

The way loan refinancing can benefit your business


Similar to debt consolidation, even it refinancing provides you with the option to pay a lesser amount for the capital you borrowed. It also provides your business the boost that it requires. When you get access to a refinancing, with a bigger payment term than the original one, you can shrink the monthly payment. You have increased money on hand and have the chance to reinvest in your business. Alternatively, it can also enable you to keep your monthly payments similar to the existing one. When you can take up a it with a reduced interest rate instead of the original one, you can add to your savings.

Additionally, it enables you to take significant strides when you are expanding a business. Akin to debt consolidation, it helps to impact your business positively and make you debt free.

Which one should you opt-in for?


It might be challenging to decide which debt consolidation option you should opt-in for! For this, you need to weigh and assess both the choices. If both your revenue and credit haven’t seen improvement, there’s a chance of you not making it to be an improved financing choice. You might have to wait for your business to make some profit before you apply for refinancing or debt consolidation.

When you are planning to opt-in for finance solutions, ensure that you know about the APT of the loan products, along with interest rates. Simply put, the APR comprises of the extra payment that you must pay annually, and it will provide you with a big picture of the total cost.  You might want to consider the term length and know the strict repayment rules on each of this types.

Additionally, get prepared to witness pre-payment penalties as well. Both loan refinancing and debt consolidation have the concept of “prepaying” and you should know more on this.  You should go ahead with either of this type, only when you know that the value that you get from restructuring will exceed the penalty cost.

The moment you have assessed all your business requirements, you can determine the correct time for debt restructuring. And this is the time when you should choose a strategy! So, should you decide to consolidate multiple loans or refinance your payments in one loan?

The decision might seem a puzzling one! But according to finance experts, both these options play an essential part in enhancing the financial status of your business. Here you get to replace short-term resolution of problems with the long-lasting ones. And by opting in for either one, you can lay the base for your business requirements, for it to thrive excellently in the forthcoming years.


However, you need to assess your business requirements carefully! Also, know that when you pay your monthly share under debt consolidation, your credit score improves. It makes you eligible for more loans. You also need to know about the repayment terms for debt consolidation and loan refinancing before you make a decision.