Brexit – Who Wanted Out of the EU and Who Wanted to Stay?

Brexit is long behind us, and the people of Britain have voted. The GB will no longer be a part of the European Union even though it has been one of the integral states over the years. Perhaps now is the right time to see how the world was divided on this problem which was purely British.

The UK has had a special relationship with the United States for decades, and they wanted them to stay put. A lot of US businesspeople, CEOs and politicians believed that leaving the European Union would have major consequences on the country’s economy above all. And while Americans wanted the powerful EU with the UK inside, Moscow, some European radicals, and right French National Front leader wanted Britain out! All of them hoped that the UK exiting the EU would trigger a chain of events with the same outcome.

The Russians didn’t hide their views that they wanted to see Britain out. Before Brexit, Scots had a vote in 2014 for independence resolution, and the Russian media devoted a large amount of airtime to the affair. They did the same with Catalonia and Spain as well as Veneto region and Italy. It was obvious that Moscow wanted to see Europe divided and their take on the Brexit magnified the “Out” instead of being as objective as possible.

While Putin and the Russians had their reasons, the European nationalists prayed for the same outcome, but their motives were different. The fact is that the EU brought peace and prosperity to all nations on Old Continent and they considered that it could be abolished, maintaining the same freedoms. Of course, this could not happen suddenly, but with the UK out, it would mark a starting point and the first win for the European nationalists.

And it did mark the first victory. The people of Great Britain voted, and they wanted to step out of the EU. Now, some countries, as well as individuals and rightists from the UK and the other parts of the world, would benefit from the exit whereas the others would not. But the most important thing is that the British people are the one who decided without any outer influence. It is up to the Brits now to fix the issues in their yard.

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