Brad Pitt Drastically Change his Appearance, you’ve hadn’t Seen him Like this Before

The legendary Hollywood actor Brad Pitt, who is now 56, is one of those men that neglected his appearance during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The paparazzi photographed Brad in front of his home in Malibu. But Brad didn’t look like himself at all. He had long and dirty hair and a long and grey beard. We’ve seen Brad rock many looks throughout the years, but this one sure is new. He didn’t even look like that during the divorce with Angelina.

He was wearing baggy and stressed out jeans and a wrinkled shirt. It also seems like he has put on some weight.

Maybe he is just waiting to get some professional help from the hairdressers that have been taking care of his hair for years.

But, it doesn’t matter how he looks; it’s still Brad Pitt. And we believe that no matter if he looks like a homeless guy, there are fans that are always going to love him.

Women all around the world loved them all these years, and they are still going to love him.

He was spotted in the company of Flea, the bass guitar player from the legendary band Red Hot Chili Peppers. The two of them are friends for years now, since the 90s. They hang together a lot, and they talk about their shared passion – designer furniture and motorcycles.

When the paparazzi spotted the two of them, they were looking at some motorcycles on the street.