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Brace Yourself for The Rock’s Inspirational and Touching Video


Dwayne Johnson has posted a short but touching film about the person who is his inspiration, both in life and the gym. The Rock’s greatest inspiration comes from Milton McBride Rosen, a Special Olympian with Down syndrome.

In fact, the short film is titled ‘The Rock’s Rock’ and Dwayne opens up to talk about his relationship with Milton McBride Rosen.

In his short Instagram video, The Rock teased the film by saying that the short film talks about a very special person in his life. He also added, ‘It’s a very special story about a very special human being. Milton has been a lifelong friend, a brother to me. You know how every once in a while in life if we’re lucky enough, we meet these special people, who seem to be touched by angels and have the unique ability to impact lives where ever they go. Meet Milton McBride, The Rock’s Rock.’

In the short film, which is one part of a special series, called ‘50 Game Changers’ from ESPN and the Special Olympics in order to celebrate the Special Olympics’ 50th anniversary, Dwayne talks about his relationship with Milton. He opens up and shares how he, at the age of 6, met Milton. The two of them shared a bedroom and became like brothers. The film talks about how Milton introduced Dwayne into the world of working out.

A special short film from @ESPN, @SevenBucksDS, @RocknRobinTV that tells the story of my lifelong friend, hero and @SpecialOlympics athlete — Milton McBride Rosen.

1.6m Likes, 13.5k Comments – @therock on Instagram: “A special short film from @ESPN, @SevenBucksDS, @RocknRobinTV that tells the story of my lifelong…”

Moreover, the film talks about a number of trainers and athletes at The Body Shoppe, a gym in Florida. This gym took Milton in and he later entered the Special Olympics. Milton started first in track and field, and then in weight lifting. He eventually did bench presses more than double his body weight and won the Florida State championship.

The Rock also shared that Milton isn’t his inspiration in the gym, but also in life. When Dwayne’s father, Rocky Johnson, ended his career as a WWE wrestler, he stopped making money and began drinking. However, at that time, Milton was a saving grace for the Rock’s father. On one occasion, Milton took his bottle and dumped it out. It was probably because of him that his water wanted to sober up. The Rock is certain that it was Milton who saved his father’s life.

You can see the full short film, but let us warn you. The film will definitely make you cry as it about a person with Down syndrome and about The Rock who has a boundless empathy. Check how Milton impacted Dwayne’s life.