Boost Your Brainpower For Better Marks


Essay writing is an excellent opportunity to explore and research an interesting topic and form your own opinions or arguments. It allows you to develop your own ideas, discover and explore new learning, and develop valuable skills such as analysis and research. While there are a number of benefits to academic writing, the truth is that it can be hard to get motivated, particularly if you are facing a high word count. We have put together some top tips to help you raise your energy levels, focus your attention, and produce your very work every time!

Consider Your Diet


It may seem unconnected, but making sure that your diet is good is a critical element in producing high-quality work. If you are feeling hungry or tired, it will be almost impossible to concentrate, and this will naturally result in lower-quality work.

Focus on building balanced meals with healthy snacks rather than turning to caffeine bombs. Don’t skip fruits and vegetables just because you’re busy. If you can’t find time to cook a full meal with sides, you might consider buying a juicer. Many of the best juicer reviews come from students ecstatic to finally find an easy way to get their daily serving of fruit and vegetables.

Drink Enough Water


As well as eating properly, drinking water is also a great way to boost your brainpower. Dehydration will result in your becoming sleepy and unfocused and may result in headaches and irritability. Keep a water bottle by your workspace, and remind yourself to take regular sips throughout the day. An alarm on your phone can help with this. By regularly topping up your fluids, you are helping your brain to work more efficiently and for more extended periods, resulting in a better quality essay. With getting your daily intake of water you can also boost your brainpower and prevent negative brain function changes with the use of Nootropics. According to Nootropics are cognitive enhancer supplements that improve memory, attention and make us feel less stressed and depressed

Take Time To Exercise


If you are working to a tight deadline, exercise may be the last thing you feel like doing. Taking the time out for a quick workout can actually make you more productive, however. Exercise helps to release endorphins in your body, lifting your mood and helping you to focus and pay attention more easily.

Short bursts can keep you motivated as you work and offers a wonderful way to work out the aches and kinks which can be caused by sitting in one position for an extended period. It also does your eyes good to have a break from screens.

Check Your Ergonomics


Your workspace is an essential part of staying focused. Make sure you are not too hot or cold, and that there is a window for fresh air whenever you need it. Your desk should be the correct height for you to type and write comfortably, and your chair should offer good back support, allowing you to sit up straight, not hunched over. Make sure you have plenty of space to work, and then the lighting is suitable for you to read and write in comfort, without having to strain.