5 Popular Board Games to Play During Coronavirus Quarantine

It looks like we are going to be at our home for the time being. The coronavirus pandemic caused a high percentage of people to work from home, practice social distance, and self-quarantine. However, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t have some fun in the process. There a lot of fun things that you can do from the comfort of your home.

This is the perfect time to dust off some of the board games that you have enjoyed but you didn’t have enough time to play them. Therefore, we’ve decided to present you with some of the most popular board games you can play during the coronavirus quarantine. Just to mention that we are going to avoid talking about Clue or Monopoly since they are highly popular and everyone knows about them. Let us begin.


The first entry on this list of ours is Bananagrams. This is a fruit-themed word building-game that can serve as a great alternative to Scrabble, which is highly popular. Every player is trying to complete words faster than its opponents. The tile comes in a fabric made banana aces. This is a highly entertaining game that you can play with your family and friends.


Waterdeep is a board game that comes from the makers of Dungeons & Dragons. After you understand all of the rules, the experience of playing this game is going to be seriously rewarding. During this game, the players are using agents who are collecting resources in order to complete quests. The more quests you complete and the resources you have, the higher are the chances you are going to win. Whoever has the most points is a winner at the end of the game. Its fantasy-style design is exceptional and we certainly believe that you are going to enjoy playing this board game.


Telestrations can be described as a combination of Pictionary and Telephone board games. The players are writing what they are seeing around in a circle until the final description or drawing comes different than the results of every other player.


Catan is one of the most popular board games of our time. It is a slightly more involved board game than Monopoly or Risk. This game was previously known as Settlers or Settlers of Catan. This game is so popular that it even reached people who aren’t board game enthusiasts. Moreover, this game has a lot of expansion packs, just in case if you get bored with the original.

Anyhow, in this game, the players become settlers and they are trying to build their settlements and trade resources they picked up in the process. The bigger your settlement is, the more points you are going to earn. The first one to reach certain numbers is a winner.

Tickets to Ride

Science fiction and fantasy board games are not preferred by many people. Therefore, we are presenting you with Tickets to Ride. This is a board game that revolves around something as simple as the trains. Every player has its own and each of them tries to create a train route across the map of the United States, by collecting cards of the same color. The bigger you train routes are at the end of the game, you have more chance of winning.