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BMW New Boxer Cruiser Revival Birdcage Custom

BMW was famous for its bikes that were side-by-side to a Harley Davidson. Many people thought that BMW is going to stop the production of this boxer engine for its bikes, due to emission problems, but in collaboration with a Custom Works Zon, from Japan, they made a new stylish motorcycle.

An important feature in a brand-new bike is the innovative engine that, not like the R9-T, is not that dangerous for the environment. This bike has an 1800 cubic centimeters engine and an air-cooler engine similar to Indian and Harley Davidson.

Features and Specifications

For the production of this motorcycle, responsibility goes to a company called The Revival Birdcage, from the United States. Almost every part of the bike is handmade, including the footrests and handlebars, and the frame is from titanium. The engine is customized and can be seen from almost every angle because of the frame that is well designed and almost transparent.

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A full specification is not available at the moment, but everyone is expecting a more powerful engine than a regular R9T, which has 110 horsepower and can achieve the maximum speed of 220 kilometers per hour. The collaboration of the BMW Motorrad and the Custom Works Zon lasts for a long time. The Japanese company was founded in 2003 and since that, they are famous for their custom works. For the BMW reworks, they are using parts similar to those from the bikes from the 1960s, but now they are made with chrome and carbon. Also, the fuel tank, seat and front trim are all handmade from sheet metal.

This cooperation was a great deal since the BMW was looking for the way to get on the market of the United States, where big boxer engines will always be successful. It was not simple to turn the old fashion looking bikes into something that today can be on the roads. The main reason for that is the regulation of the emission from the engine, and every vehicle has to pass the Euro5 regulations.

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The official motorcycle will be available for customers at the end of 2019. The BMW didn’t say anything about new models of bikes, but since this collaboration with Custom Works Zon looks incredible, we can maybe expect some more from them.


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