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Blackout Blinds For Decorating Elegant Rooms

Nowadays the blinds have great strength in the interior design and you can find them in many materials.

According to the source, the most common are wood, vinyl, fabric, and aluminum. Also, the designs are diverse and very attractive.

Types of Blinds


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They are the most common. They completely block the passage of light, insulate the windows from the outside and add an extra air chamber that dampens the noise pollution from the outside. Also, when they get up, they leave the window completely clear.


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They are composed of sheets of different materials such as aluminum, wood, PVC, plastic, etc. arranged horizontally. Depending on the inclination you give to the sheets, it will allow you to regulate the entry of light. Venetian is entirely used in decoration either alone or also occupying the area of the curtain.

Its main advantage is adequate regulation of the amount of light that enters the space but does not entirely eliminate the passage of it. They are also the best type of temperature regulation functions of the room because the desired light path is achieved.


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It has a function quite similar to that of the curtains, without advantages for air conditioning, reducing the luminosity with a simple mechanism.


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According to, just as roller shutters completely block the entry of light and do not require a drawer to roll the slats.

Advantages of The Blackout Blinds

Blackout blinds are an excellent system of lighting control, which help you achieve total darkness at night, and almost total during the day, which is ideal for rest. Believe it or not, the correct installation of blinds achieves the same effect of total darkness as the blinds.

They are perfect for sun protection since they avoid the entry of solar radiation not required. Therefore, they must be installed in the windows that are exposed to the sun. Of course, they do not have a good behavior such as that of awnings or well-designed overhangs, because the heat is stored between the shutter and the window.

Certain types of blinds, such as self-locking safety blinds, improve home security. However, to be truly useful they have to be completely closed.

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What Do You Have to Take Into Account When Buying Blackout Blinds?

When choosing new blinds or curtains for your room, you have to evaluate four important points very well:


It is determined by the personal, confidential and intimate life of a place or moment.


It is the perceptible quality that lets you observe things at a certain distance. The less visibility there is, the fewer things will be seen in the distance; while with greater clarity, more distant things can bee observed.


It occurs when a blind allows light to enter so that objects are not seen clearly. When light is not allowed to enter appreciably we are talking about opacity.

Light control

There is when a body or thing is superimposed against the light forming controlled conditions that will provide shadows in smaller or greater proportion as desired.

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Choose The Perfect Blackout Blinds For Your Home

Consider the decoration of your home. Before choosing any type of blinds, it is important that you have in mind the decoration of the room you plan to add, so you will find the blinds that fit this aspect. For example, if you want to give your stay a plus you have to opt for vertical pattern blinds.

Apart from the decorative purpose, you must worry about the thickness and if they really help to prevent the passage of sunlight.

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Type of room

In the case of a house, the different rooms will need different types of blinds for the windows. For example:

  • A study room or a drawing room need blinds that let in a good amount of sunlight.
  • In the bathrooms, blinds must be installed to help conserve privacy. Read more on


This is another point that you must take into account. Nowadays there are quite a few styles that can make choosing the right blinds for the windows a bit more complicated. Therefore, you have to think carefully about the design style of your stay and choose the blinds that go according to it.

  • If you have many modern objects in your room, I suggest you choose contemporary style
  • If your stay has an old touch, you should opt for blinds that are made of natural materials such as wood.
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Blackout Blinds and Curtains Care

  • Do not leave cords or dinners within the reach of pets or children to avoid possible accidents.
  • Do not remove the connectors or stops of the chains.
  • To raise or lower the blind, pull the chain or the string with a speed and a suitable force, otherwise, you can break the brake or detach the blind.
  • Do not open the window when the shutter is down or when the shutter is closed.
  • Take into account pick up or raise the blind when you go to sweep, vacuum or mop the floor.
  • Use the glass cleaner properly, placing it first on a rag and not directly on the window so as not to stain the fabrics, the slats or the strings.


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