Black Friday, Do Not Be Tempted

Shopping on Black Friday sales has turned into some sort of a ritual in America. From huge crowds gushing into the store to buying stuff that you don’t need, all this is very common when it is Black Friday.

There was a time when this day was a thing. But with every year it has only got terrible. If you are smart kind, you would want to avoid Black Friday sales. This may sound legit crazy to many of you shopping freaks. But we have more than one reason to give.

We don’t have anything against huge sales. No doubt, it’s great for brands as it helps them boost their sales. But it is better to shop during other times of the year than to rush to the stores on this day.

Why you should avoid Black Friday sales?

We agree Black Friday sales are tempting. It is at this time of the year when big brands offer huge discounts and free items. You can buy all your favorite things at half the price or even less. Everything sounds great, but do you think participating in this madness is worth it?

There are so many reasons why Black Friday is over-hyped. Whether you agree or not, you can find good deals throughout the year. For instance, you can check out sites like Shoppok where you can find many great deals to grab. You don’t have to particularly wait for deals to buy your stuff.

Here are some of the main reasons why you should not be tempted by Black Friday:

1. Too much crowd

The first and most obvious reason to avoid Black Friday is the massive crowd at shopping malls and stores. This is the very reason why many people have stopped shopping on this crazy day.

With so many people in the store, it becomes extremely difficult to shop. Not to mention the long queues at the bill counter and no space for parking. Black Friday is one of the busiest shopping days in a year. During this time, safety protocols are dropped in many places. This means it’s no longer safe to shop in crowded malls.

Instead of pushing through the crowd and shopping, it’s better to order online. You can check the exclusive deals available on other sites and buy all the stuff you need. This site offers you equally better deals as Black Friday.

2. Shopping becomes difficult

Shopping is done best when you have fewer people around you. But on this shopping day that is not even an option. People wait in long queues outside malls for the shops to open. They rush into the store as if it’s their life’s last shopping day. In such a crowded situation, it becomes extremely difficult to shop.

When shopping on normal days, we like to compare products and check the quality before finally paying for it. But all this is impossible on Black Friday. During this time people don’t do product research, they just buy whatever is there in front of them. This increases the chances of buying a defective or wrong product.

It is better to shop online in peace than to visit an overly crowded mall. You can get equally better deals on other websites. They offer great deals on all sorts of items.

3. Leads to unnecessary spending

Retailers take advantage of your inability to resist the buying craze all around you. During the biggest sales day of the year, people don’t think much. They see an attractive product at discount, they buy it. They don’t even think about whether they need that product or not. This leads to unnecessary spending.

You think you are saving money on all your purchases. But in reality, you are spending the saved money on buying unnecessary stuff just because they are available at huge discounts.

Many retailers offer time-specific deals and offers. This creates even more craze among the buyers as they fight through the crowd to buy it. You would probably get these items at a better price somewhere online. But the craze of Black Friday sale blinds you.

4. You get better shopping deals throughout the year

Black Friday is not the only time when you get attractive offers and deals. Today, almost all online shopping stores and apps offer exclusive deals throughout the year. If you want to buy something, then you have the whole year to shop. You particularly don’t have to wait for Black Friday sales.

With the advent of online shopping, you can buy any item imaginable from the comfort of your house. There is no need for you to push through the crowd and waste your time.

You just have to keep a check on the online deals. As soon as, the seasonal sales starts, you can buy all your stuff online. This is any day better than wasting away half your thanksgiving day getting elbowed by strangers.

5. Sale items are cheaper brands

In most cases, you will see all the cheaper brands offering huge discounts. You will rarely come across big brands like Apple and Samsung offering discounts up to 75%. If you still feel tempted to buy this cheaper stuff, God is with you. That’s because there is a high chance that these items will not last for long.

Buying cheaper brands on sale is simply wasting money. They usually don’t provide any guarantee and even if they do, it’s only for a short period. Instead of wasting your money on such items, you can buy something worthwhile in online stores. Big brands often provide attractive offers online.

From the above discussion, one thing is clear that Black Friday sales are over-hyped big time. You can buy the same items on sale throughout the year. There is no need for you to waste your time on Black Friday deals. One of the worst things about Black Friday is that it makes you lose your Thanksgiving Day as they open early on Thursday.

Final words

Resisting temptation is always difficult, especially when it comes to discounts. But the biggest selling day of the year has ceased to be so with the advent of online shopping.

Take care of yourself, your health, and your money.

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