Blac Chyna Blames Rob Kardashian for their 3-Year-Old Daughter Being ‘Severely’ Burned

Kim Kardashian’s brother, Rob Kardashian, has claimed his daughter Dream suffered “severe” burns at the hands of a nanny after ex-girlfriend Blac Chyna had him investigated by authorities.


Kardashian is currently involved in an ongoing custody battle with his daughter’s mother, Blac Chyna.

Blac Chyna, 31, says her three-year-old daughter suffered a first-degree burn on her leg in February and also a second-degree burn from a lightbulb on the same leg on March 21 while her father was looking after her.

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Because of the burns, Chyna called the LA Department of Child and Family Services.

However, Rob hit back at the claim, by blaming the burns on his former nanny of two years.

Rob’s attorney Marty Singer said, “Dream did, in fact, get burned,” in an interview with Page Six, but then confirmed she had “two accidents in the last month while with this nanny.”

The nanny has now stopped working for Rob “at will,” and the reason for her departure is her “high-risk pregnancy.”


The lawyer criticized Chyna for “publicly miscommunicating” the situation and slammed her for “wasting valuable public resources by calling first responders in a desperate attempt to smear Rob’s name.”