Bitcoin Revolution Is Only Just Beginning

Bitcoin emergency as one of the best investment ventures wasn’t a major surprise, was it? With the populace doing everything within their means to make sure that they had a stake in the new found darling, no one thought of how the future of Bitcoin was going to be. Us investors with sharp entrepreneurial minds any opportunity that presents itself will never go unploughed to gauge whether it’s worth giving a shot or not. This is precisely the case with Bitcoin. Investors from different walks of life have genuinely given up every resource and valuable thing to have a test and feel of Bitcoin bubble. As you go through this write-up you will get to notice where everything started going south in this once famed avenue of creating wealth and minting money to necessitate a revolution with a vivid elaboration of the phrase Bitcoin’s Revolution has only started…


Bitcoin Prices

Having once been a hit and up there, the prices of Bitcoin considerably fell. This, therefore, meant that for the new holders of Bitcoins, for them to get back a recoup of initial investment they had to sell at a loss or wait for the possible buoyancy! With the fall of Mt Gox, Bitcoin prices, popularity, and confidence in it as a viable investment option considerably fall below per. With the spelled doom, therefore, it meant the beneficiaries of the Bitcoin trading were the pioneers and those that had the patience to wait for the stabilizing of the markets trends in the future.

Lack of consumer protectionist policies in place

Being a means of exchange that is not back up by any government of financial entity, Bitcoin security threat is becoming one of the major concern to facilitate a revolution. A consumer of the coin is not guaranteed the top class security that he or she requires for the investment of such magnitude. Rampant cases of theft and loss of the coins have been immeasurably alarming with no functional systems put in place to monitor and secure the transactions parse.

With all this, a Bitcoin revolution cannot and will never cease from happening!


Fewer profits mining Bitcoins

Mining, a process of bitcoin creation is one of the significant players fueling the revolutions of Bitcoins. Just like production is key in the maintenance of any flow of goods and services in a market set up so is the case with the Bitcoins. The slump in prices has had a significant role to play in the whole process of production and mining. With the increasing demand and entry of new investors in the market, there should be a relative and steady increase in production to satisfy the need there is. Those that have taken a swipe at this once lucrative venture of mining the Bitcoins are no longer working up to the delivery of this vital service because of the turned sour process of doing it. What does this therefore mean? Revolution in Bitcoin trading is an unstoppable affair if the current trends are anything to go by. You can also check for more options on bitcoin trading.

Adoption rates

What do you think will happen in the case where the adoption rate is below par? Will this affect the Bitcoin as a means of transactional exchange or not? The answer here is simple, and because there are many such related to the transaction with other options apart from Bitcoins, then it means a revolution has to occur to bring Bitcoins back to its feet. Adoption and acceptance by everyone is a unique feature for any currency or a means of exchange to successfully penetrate.

Trends and Seasonality


Bitcoin as a trend currency, if this is the perfect phrase to be used, which means that it’s possible that the coin is either here to stay or vanish altogether! Depending on how things will turn out (a revolution) greatly determines what the future holds for all the Bitcoin fraternity. Far from the fact that no legal systems are put in place either in support for or against this type of currency its also worth noting that the said governments or the financial institutions are holding conversations about how this currency can be of use to them. This means that the whole concept of Bitcoin as a medium of trading can be altered if the trends are anything to by.