The Best Washing Machines For 2024

Long gone are the days of hand washing your smelly clothes and dirty underwear. Washing machines are convenient and cost-effective solutions for your dirty problems. Pair them with a dryer, and you will save yourself an endless time. But with all the washing machines and dryers available on the market, how would you know which ones will be the best for you?

That’s why we are here to give you a full review of the best washing machines and dryers to buy in 2024. These reviews will contain both washer and dryer as a separate unit (pair), or as a combo.

1. Kenmore 28133 & 78133

The first washing machine on our list is from Kenmore. The 28133 will wash your clothes, and the 78133 will dry them after washing. This pair of washer and dryer from Kenmore will deliver excellent results after both washing and drying your clothes.


The Kenmore 28133 & 78133 are a gas powered washer and dryer that gives you another option in terms of fuel type. These gas powered washer and dryer deliver excellent results in both departments. The washer is top-loader that will offer you 5.3 cubic feet of space, while the dryer is front-loader and it offers you a whopping 8.8 cubic feet of space to operate. The Kenmore 28133 & 78133 are one of the best washer and dryer pairs on the market.

2. Kenmore 41072 & 81382

Another washer and dryer from Kenmore, both appliances are available in several colors.

The washer has an amazingly large 5.3 cubic feet of space that will be enough to put a whole king size comforter inside. The dryer offers you 7.4 cubic feet of space, which is slightly less than the previously mentioned Kenmore 78133. But if the 7.4 or 8.8 cubic space is not enough for you, you can always upgrade to the Kenmore Smart 81982, which will provide you 9.0 cubic feet of space! Both the Kenmore 41072 and 81382 are electric types, and the washer has features like Accela Wash, Stream Treat, and Wrinkle Guard option for washing.

3. LG Ventless Steam Washer & Dryer

The LG Ventless steam washer & dryer is the best combo available on the market. This all-in-one washer/dryer is best suited for apartments because of the length of the entire unit, which measures just 27 inches wide. The LG Ventless has 4.3 cubic feet of space inside, which is amazing for an all-in-one washer/dryer best suited for apartments. The LG Ventless has a Turbo Wash feature, support for 14 washing cycles, fully customizable programs and to top it all, it won’t make a sound while washing or drying

4. BOSCH 800 Series

The wonderful Bosh 800 Series offers you standalone washer and dryer that can be stacked on top of one another. The Bosch 800 series are the best stackable washer and dryer in terms of customer reviews and our very own experience.

The washer and dryer have the same 240-volt plug. The washer offers 2.2 cubic feet of space, which might sound less compared to other washers, but due to the Speed Perfect technology will wash your clothes in 15 minutes! The dryer offers you 4 cubic feet of space, which is slightly more than the washer, but what’s amazing is that both washer and dryer measure 23.5 by 25 by 33.25 inches, saving you a lot of space.

5. Black + Decker Portable Washer

The Black + Decker is the best portable washer money can buy! This bad boy measures 31.5 inches in height and 17.7 inches in width, which is the perfect solution for an RV washing machine. It has an LED display control panel and set up is easy. The washer offers you 0.9 cubic feet of space which is amazing for the size. You can choose between normal, heavy, rapid, soak, and gentle washing, and other features include a timer, water control, unbalancing detector and safety functions.

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