Best Villas For Rent In Sicily in 2020

Are you looking to go on holiday to a beautiful place that is quite different from the regular tourist hubs? Sicily may be just what you are looking for. With a varied coastline lined with stunning golden beaches, spectacular sceneries, fantastic local food, the excellent wine culture, classic architecture, and history, Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean.
It is the kind of place that has something for everyone. If you plan on enjoying your vacations out there, you can find a fantastic range of luxury accommodation options to choose from. You can have the time of your life in this ancient Italian region, if you book villas to stay, instead of checking in at the regular hotels.

The villas like ones at Select Sicily Villas are ideal for spending high holidays along with family members, or with your group of friends. These villas come with private swimming pools and have all the modern luxury amenities that you can think of.

Why should you stay at the villas in Sicily?

Staying in your private villa gives you the chance to enjoy the real experience that the island has to offer. If you fancy being out in the countryside or down by the sea, you can make a luxury villa, your home away from home.
The local markets will bring about the kind of freshness that you cannot experience anywhere else. Fresh produce, amazing local cheeses, and wine are ideal for enjoying the leisurely lunchtime meals in the real Dolce Vita style. At nights, you have an incredible array of local restaurants and bars to experience authentic Siciliano food.

Many of the villas in Sicily come with their private swimming pool. If sightseeing and trekking get a little too much, you can relax by your villa pool in comfort and style. The pace of life is slow in Sicily – it is all about enjoying the quality of life here, so there is always another day to explore the old architecture places, or to look at the awe-inspiring landscapes. When you rent a Sicily villa, you might find it difficult to leave!

Some of the best advantages of living in rental villas:

It works out to much cheaper than booking individual rooms at the hotels, especially if you are traveling in a group or with your family members.
It is much quieter and peaceful because you will not be sharing it with other guests. You get the villa all for yourself during your stay at this beautiful island.
You can make your food, as these villas come equipped with modern modular kitchens and all the necessary amenities. That way, you can save a lot of money on food, when compared to eating out at the restaurants.
You can book the villas with the number of bedrooms as per the specific requirements of your group.

Relive ancient history:

For history buffs, Sicily offers some of the most important archaeological sites to visit. The Phoenicians and Romans have left stunning reminders of their civilization, in the form of temples, amphitheaters, and ancient ruins. In addition to the stunning scenery and the long coastline, visiting these magical places will make it an unforgettable experience.

The Normans also invaded Sicily in the 12th century. Throughout the rich history of the island, many different races have made their home here, leaving behind a cultural legacy that is truly interesting for history lovers. It is easy to see why they loved to stay back in the beautiful Sicily. If you, too, are coming from a colder region like the Normans, you probably won’t want to leave either! The place will cast a spell on you, which is only hard to resist.

Experience the beautiful Sicily like nowhere else:

Sicily offers stunning locations for having a great holidaying experience. Palermo is considered the most beautiful city in the world. Alternatively, there is the stunningly beautiful Trapani coastline. Don’t forget to visit Syracuse, Ragusa, or Agrigento. They are world-famous for their archaeological sites and are also listed as UNESCO heritage sites.

When you rent a Sicily villa, you are conveniently placed to do a lot of things. You can use public transport or hire rental cars for traveling locally. If you are looking to have some adventure on your holidays, the beaches out there provide a wide choice of water sports and many other fun activities.

Beach activities are suitable for people from all age groups, where children and teenagers can enjoy to the fullest. Sicily is ideal for family holidays. It is also great for a romantic holiday, or for visiting with a group of friends. There is something here for everyone.
The best part about holidaying in Italy is not to do anything at all. Just lie back on your pool bench, relax and unwind. This magical island had the perfect antidote that will make you forget all kinds of stress.

Wide range of villa choices:

All the properties are finished and furnished to meet the high standards of excellence. They have plenty of outside space in the form of beautiful gardens and terraces, where you can enjoy the views of the spectacular countryside and mesmerizing landscapes.
Most of the Sicily villas come with their private pool, where you can spend quality time with your group, and have great fun.

Looking for villas is easy and convenient online:

Navigate the website to see all the villas that are available on rent.
You can see the features of each villa and choose the ones that best meet your holidaying needs.
Check their availability for the dates of your travel. Each of the listed villas has its availability calendar.
You can then pay advance and make the booking online. You can pay them with different payment modes like PayPal, credit card, or bank transfer.

You can also contact them to book for other requirements like airport shuttle, sightseeing tours, and local transportation.