Best Streaming Platforms to Watch Action Movies in Canada?

If you are looking to get your heartbeat fluctuating and your palms sweating, there’s no better time to watch an action movie! And Canadians do love action flicks, don’t they?

From war-time classics, magnificent superheroes, and celestial aliens, to car chases, money heists, crime capers, and anime villains, the action genre is manifold and exciting. Over the passage of time, VFX effects, stunts, and set pieces have come a long way. Now the action scenes feel more realistic and impressive. But a gripping plot still remains a vital part of an action film that makes even classic action films feel timeless.

There are several streaming platforms in Canada that offer legions of content, including action movies. Netflix Canada, Disney+, and Prime Video are some of the notable names bringing a heavy dosage of action films to Canadians. Besides these platforms, you can also watch American Netflix in Canada which is filled with several action blockbusters. There is another candidate HBO Max, which is a big name offering action-filled movies.

However, most of these movie networks are restricted to US only, and the neighbouring countries are deprived of the fun. Thus, CanadaVPNs has come up with an amazing solution to lift off the virtual barriers on these entertainment platofrms, and let the people of Canada enjoy these movie platforms without any issue. And that is VPN.

As the VPN is a one-click solution to access any of your favourite content. Thus, we have evaluated the libraries of some of the biggest streaming platforms, and also considered the features offered by each service to bring you the best streaming platforms to watch action movies in Canada.

1. HBO Max

Whenever the term “action movies” comes up in your mind, and you need to have a refill of adrenaline, some amazing combat moves, or blood rushing experience, HBO Max can satisfy your appetite. It has many iconic action movies you can think of instantly whenever the action genre is mentioned, like Batman movies, The Matrix, The Dark Knight trilogy, and The Lord of the Rings.

You will also find Speed, Jaws, both of the Kill Bill movies, and the full-choke erratic movie Mad Max: Fury Road. There are many dark superhero movies as well like The Crow, and Zack Snyder’s valiant Watchmen and Justice League.

Not just this, the catalog keeps going on with some classic entries including Kurosawa’s fantastic works like Yojimbo, The Hidden Fortress, and Seven Samurai. Each of these has Hollywood remakes, and that is how HBO Max’s content library gives a masterclass of history in the action genre.

From Superman to Wonder Woman, King Kong to Mortal Kombat, HBO Max got its action game strong for its viewers.


  • A large action catalog spread across many different genres
  • Many fan-favorite franchises
  • Good parental controls


  • Many action movies are not suitable for families
  • Higher cost than other competitors

The ad-supported plan costs $9.99/month or$99.99 a year. While the ads-free plan costs $14.99/month or $149.99/year.

2. Disney+

Looking for some action movies to watch with your family that won’t leave your kids traumatized for their life? Well, Disney+ has many good titles to stream. Disney+ is the home to some of the biggest blockbusters from Hollywood and many memorable action movies from history.

After all, it offers Sci-Fi from Star Wars, superhero action from Marvel Cinematic Universe, and animation adventure from Pixar. If this still is not enough, you will also get legendary movies like Avatar, Marvel’s X-Men movies, and the whole The Pirates of the Caribbean series.

Apart from that, several animated action-adventure flicks like The Incredibles are also available for your little ones. Talk about action movies, Disney+ is filled with an explosive number of these.


  • Up to 6 profiles are available on one account
  • Offline watchable content
  • Family-friendly catalog
  • Home for Disney, Marvel, Pixar, and Star Wars


  • Not much stuff for adult action lovers
  • Glitchy mobile apps

Costs $7.99/month or you can get Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ bundle for just $13.99/month.

3. Netflix

Netflix takes pride in itself for always having something for everybody. So while looking on Netflix to watch some action, you may not have to look much to fill up your action dose. As HBO Max and Disney+ have taken up very much of every big title, there is not much left for Netflix to give many action genres to pick from.

However, the picture does not end there for Netflix as the service is doing everything to keep its audience by putting out some solid action Netflix originals.

Netflix provides titles that you will not see anywhere else including Extraction, 6 Underground, Bird Box, The Old Guard, Triple Frontier, Eva, and Project Power. There are many new action releases as well like Red Notice and The Gray Man.

Apart from that, Netflix offers Tom Cruise’s “Top Gun” and “Mission Impossible” movies, Marvel’s “Spider-Man Trilogy,” and “Death Race.”


  • Vast content variety
  • Higher-level UI
  • A large slate of many exclusive action films
  • Some Sony film franchises included


  • Many major franchises leaving for other services
  • Most Netflix originals happen to be not blockbuster-sized

Costs $9.99/month (No annual plan)

4. Amazon Prime Video

Even though Amazon’s Prime Video has a staggering quantity of content, it does not own any copyrights for most. This means that the action catalog will keep changing from month to month, and these changes can be way dramatic as well.

Some of the titles that we have come across include Inception, The Terminator, Aliens, Dredd, Skyfall, and Apocalypto. Despite the catalog variations, Amazon will always provide you with some solid action options.

Amazon is gradually trying to expand its proprietary presentations, so movies like Without Remorse can be a step in the right direction. While on Amazon, you will also see a few action-focused show series, like Jack Ryan and The Boys. The recent possession of MGM by Amazon means you will eventually get to see the James Bond movies.


  • Wide range of available content
  • Free for Prime members
  • Always changing libraries providing something new always


  • Outdated UI
  • Rotating library, you may lose some of your favorite movies
  • Not much in exclusives

Costs $14.99/month for Amazon Prime and $8.99/month for Prime Video only.

5. Hulu

Hulu is more of an older version of Disney+. Also if any action movie qualifies to be too edgy to put on Disney+, it makes its space here. This means you can come to Hulu if you are craving Die Hard movies, or Deadpool and Predator as well.

Unfortunately, most of the movies that are box office hits and blockbusters with the PG-13 rating are available on Disney+, so Hulu is a bit dry and threadbare in this matter.


  • Cheaper subscription when bundle up with Disney+
  • A broad variety of content
  • Offers free trial


  • No Star Wars or Marvel movies
  • The library seems like leftovers of Disney+

Starting from $6.99/month.

6. Paramount Plus

Paramount+ is home to the famous Indiana Jones movies despite being a newer platform and also the famous Tom Cruise Special Mission: Impossible series.

Paramount also got all of the Star Trek movies. Even though Paramount distributes its Transformers movies to many other platforms, these are not available on its own service Paramount+. An irregular library makes it a low priority when talking about action movies.


  • Inexpensive
  • More Paramount franchises arriving
  • Indiana Jones
  • Offers free trial


  • A small number of action titles

Starting from $4.99/month.

7. Peacock

While NBC Universal owns some of the ever-green and all-time famed action movies, Peacock, a streaming platform in partnership with Comcast, does not have the copyrights to all of its franchises. It means most of the Universal movies rooting from Jurassic Park or The Fast and The Furious are available across other big and old streaming platforms.

Peacock does have the Jason Bourne movies, 300, and also the magnificent western 3:10 to Yuma, but other than these the action genre catalog is quite cold. Most of the action you will get your hands on Peacock is in its WWE hub.


  • The ad-supported version comes with free movies
  • The premium bundle is less expensive
  • Offers free trial


  • Weak action library
  • Overall, the library lacks titles

Starting from $4.99/month.


So, guys, this was our list of the best streaming platforms to watch action movies in Canada. When you have pulled the plug on the streaming service of your choice, get ready, select your favorite title, and watch the action heroes doing the impossible!

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