Best Places To Take Your Date In NYC


So, being in a relationship is a beautiful thing and having a person that will be there and support you throughout is one of the best things out there. Still, in the times we are living in it might not be that easy to find a soulmate and thus you have to go on numerous dates in the process. And dates – well they are not something people are so happy about. Why you might ask? Well, people are anxious that they will not leave a good first impression, and never get the chance to improve. While the first impression is important than most valuable advice you can get is to be yourself and enjoy the time.

Anyways, when going out for a date the place you go is really important (as of the atmosphere and everything else), and it should be something you both enjoy and like. And if you are living in a beautiful city that never sleeps – New York; your date place options are pretty wide. From beautiful parks to restaurants and bars you can end your night at it is just a matter of you and your partner’s preference.

Let’s take a look at some of the best date places in NYC!

Where To Take Your Date When In NYC

  1. Brooklyn Botanical Garden. Well, if you and your partner enjoy nature and a calmer atmosphere than the Brooklyn Botanical Garden might be just right. It is situated near Prospect Park and features hundreds of cherry blossom trees, as well as another type of beautiful plants and simple nature peace. And this is a great spot to have a nice chat at and feel the vibe of Japan’s unique culture. On top of all that the garden is open all year long so no matter what season it is you will get to enjoy!
  1. Jane’s Carousel. On the other hand, if you are a fan of more lights and simple fun you can go to Jane’s Carousel before your dinner at a restaurant. You will both feel like you are kids again and very soon fall in love with the whole romantic area around it!
  1. The Water Table. Well, when it comes to the date dinner restaurants, the Water Table is one of your best options. It is on the East River, and as you enjoy the light and romantic cruise, you will get the option to try out specialties such as lobster risotto or an apple chowder. Surely, one of the unique restaurants in NYC!
  1. Slipper Room. You had a good dinner, and now it is time to move along and have some fun. Well, if you are into nightlife and being attracted at the same time the Slipper Room is your best bet. Both you and your partner will laugh and enjoy the performance throughout with multiple cheeky dancers, singers, and comedians doing their best to entertain you!
  1. Brooklyn Bazaar. Once again the Brooklyn part has a lot to offer, and its bazaar is one of the most fun things out there. From arcade games to karaoke rooms you will get to experience a lot of new things and new food as well!
  1. Paulie Gee’s. Well if you two are a fan of Italian food and pizza in particularly visiting Paulie Gee’s is your best option. The tasty brick oven creation will take over your taste buds!


As you can see NYC is a vivid city that offers so much to anyone. Saying that in it are some of the best places to have a date at and we only recommended a few ones. So go ahead, do your search and enjoy the time!