What is the Best Keyboard Piano Blog for Readers?

Among plenty of options that you have, it will be easier for you to choose the right keyboard piano if you have guidance from the best keyboard piano blog.

What should a keyboard piano blog offer its readers?

If you search for the best keyboard piano blog, there will be plenty. The piano is an incredible instrument, that’s why many people have devoted their time and energy towards writing about it. There are dozens of websites dedicated to helping and teaching the piano community. Most of them are influential with excellent, relevant content for their audience. Also, the best keyboard piano blog should be the one that is informative, revealing, and educational. More importantly, it is updated regularly.

Our keyboard piano blog hopes to bring you the most excellent guide and tips for learning to play your new musical instrument and improving your skills. It will solve any problem that you have and motivate you during your practice. Also, the blog aims to provide the best keyboard pianos for your recommendation.

With the hundreds of options out there today in the market, the list below is just a select few of the top options. For those just starting to learn to play the instrument, there is a detailed review on here. Beginners and intermediate players alike will sure to gain helpful information from the article.

The best keyboard pianos for our readers

That is a list that our keyboard piano blog based on the budget-friendly price tag, high-quality construction, and range of built-in sounds.

1. Yamaha PSS-F30 Portable Keyboard

If you want a cheap piano keyboard for recording at home, the Yamaha PSS-F30 Portable Keyboard is the right choice. It has an excellent manual for beginners and also, it’s easy to operate. You can buy this cheap keyboard piano for practice or give it to any friend or family member because it would make an excellent gift. Additionally, it has a smaller size compared to other pianos, making it ideal for portable studios and touring musicians.

This keyboard piano has 37 high-quality mini keys that are easy to play. In addition to that, it offers 120 voices and a wide range of functions that will be beneficial for beginners. Moreover, the Smart Chord feature on this piano accompanies any melody you play with appropriate chords. This PSS-F30 is suitable for younger players and beginners. But if you want some instrumental sounds and functionality, you can find the Sustain, Metronome, and more to compose your music.

2. Roland GO: Piano GO-61P Digital Piano


The Roland GO: Piano GO-61P is an ideal option if you are looking for a no-fuss, premium digital keyboard piano. It is one of the best cheap keyboard pianos at a very affordable price. It also features 61 full-size keys and is packed with a selection of acclaimed Electro Piano, Organ, Roland Piano, and Drum sounds. This piano offers an authentic touch response, which ensures that the keyboard responds accurately to your playing dynamics as well as portrays the character of each note effectively.

The Bluetooth connectivity allows you to hook up your smartphones and tablets. Also, you will be able to take advantage of the three months free Skoove learning tool, stream music, and of course, use the array of free Roland piano apps. We recommend it in this keyboard piano blog because it is cheap, highly portable, battery, and AC adaptor powered and has two speakers built-in.

3. Yamaha PSR-E263 Black Digital Keyboard



The Yamaha PSR-E263 Black Digital This one is an ideal beginner’s keyboard that is useful for studio owners and musicians of all levels. The reason why we recommend this piano is because it is cheap and also packed with a vast array of sounds and effects. In particular, it offers 400 instrument voices, including a host of electric pianos, a classic and beautifully sampled Grand Piano sound, sound effects, and even drum sounds. That means you will be able to improve your skills and record high-quality music with it.

Another advantage of the PSR-E263 is that it also offers a set of built-in speakers and a headphone input, which means you can perform and practice wherever you like. Additionally, there is a host of learning functions built into this piano, including the ‘Listen & Learn’ feature, ‘Timing,’ and ‘Waiting’ modes. They help encourage a positive learning experience and allow you to learn at your own pace. As this Yamaha PSR-E263 Black Digital Keyboard is in our keyboard piano blog list, it is the right one for you!

4.  Yamaha reface CP Electric Piano


When it comes to portable piano keyboards, any keyboard piano blog must include the Yamaha reface CP Electric Piano. That is a mobile, mini keyboard that stands up to some of the best full-size digital piano keyboards. It produces excellent sounds and also focuses on playability. Although it has a small size, this Yamaha reface CP Electric Piano is a highly professional mini keyboard packed with a selection of classic sound. These sounds resemble the vintage Yamaha CP stage pianos from the 70s. There will be 6 x standard keyboard sounds built-in, including the reproduced Wurlitzer sounds and coveted Rhodes piano.

There is also a Reface iOS app that allows you to store voices, create your setlists, and if you want, you can share them with your friends, making it a particularly useful performance tool. This piano is a perfect keyboard piano because it offers all these beautiful sounds as well as a collection of vintage effects. It is even one of the best must-have studio additions.

5. Yamaha Piaggero NP12 Portable Digital Piano, Black


The Yamaha Piaggero NP12 Portable Digital Piano, Black, is extremely popular for performers and experienced players. It also has a budget-friendly price tag with beautifully sampled piano and expert playability. Considering how amazing the sounds you get within this keyboard piano, its price is astonishing. Each of the ten preset voices includes the 2 x electric piano, 2 x acoustic piano sounds, 2 x organ sounds, and even the strings, vibes, and 2 x harpsichord sounds.

They are all beautifully sampled and respond instantly to the touch response keyboard. It also has 61 keys, which will give you enough space to play your music. There are built-in speakers and headphones’ input to ensure that you can play and practice wherever you like. It is also very portable, with a weight of 4.5kg and a width of 1,036mm. This Yamaha Piaggero NP12 Portable Digital Piano, Black is an expressive piano keyboard that sounds great, highly portable and at an affordable price.

6. Roland GO: Keys GO-61K Digital Keyboard

This piano is from the same portable series but offers 500 ready-to-play sounds. These sounds are derived from Roland’s incredible back catalog of pro synthesizers. Because it is on this list, it is also a cheap one. The Roland GO: Keys GO-61K Digital Keyboard features 61 full-size keys, and you can switch between electric piano sounds and synthesizer sounds.

With 500 sounds built-in, this piano provides players with almost the entire back catalog of Roland synths. You will be able to take a whole studio’s worth with you wherever you go. Your sounds will match accurately to your playing dynamics, thanks to the ivory feel keys. Also, the easy to use Category buttons allow you to go back and forth between sounds in an instant. This Roland GO: Keys GO-61K Digital Keyboard is one of the best keyboard pianos for you.


If you are interested in learning to play the piano, you can check out Skoove piano learning app.