The Best Free PC Games

Have you already played all the games in your steam or epic games store library and bored? Yes, we saw that games nowadays cost a fortune, but there is a way for every gamer to download free games. Let’s get inside the best games for free around the world and see what suits you. In our selection we present you not only well-known bestsellers but many hidden gems. Download and play PC games for free and fun with

Halo Infinite

Yes, this is not one of the true free games to download, but it contains free multiplayer. There is a full-fledged story campaign which you can purchase, but you can enjoy triple-A high quality gameplay multiplayer and pay nothing. Once you enter the multiplayer, you can try training with bots, quick or ranked play, as well as the battle of large teams. Next, you will need to select one of the many available modes. There is “Massacre” – an analogue of the classic Deathmatch, there is “Capture the Flag”, there is “Fortresses”, where players need to take control of two points, and then hold them, and several other modes.

Destiny 2

Initially, the second part of the popular MMO shooter was released on the store, but after a couple of years past the release, the creators decided to cut their game out of the Blizzard marketplace and transfer it to Steam. And it worked, simultaneous online on steam broke the mark of 200 thousand users. People liked the quality mechanics of the network shooter, a lot of free modes, maps and fierce battles in multiplayer. And this is taking into account the fact that only the basic version with the story campaign of the first year is free.

Dota 2

Timeless classic. Once upon a time, Dota was just a mod for the popular game from Blizzard – Warcraft III: TFT, but Valve entered into a successful contract with one of the creators of the original and made a full-fledged game that won the hearts of millions of gamers. In terms of gameplay, this is a classic MOBA – there is a large map, there are two buildings (yours and the enemy), there are heroes and the final goal: to destroy the enemy’s stronghold by any means. Beyond controversy, it is one of the best free to play games for users ever.

Team Fortress 2

Another pop culture phenomena and one of the best games for free The gameplay of Team Fortress 2 is a battle on different maps, where teams are given a variety of goals – to capture the flag, push the cart to a specific point, prevent the enemy from pushing the cart, and so on. You will have to work as a well-coordinated team, since each of the characters has its own strengths and weaknesses. There is a heavy machine gunner, a vulnerable but able to become invisible spy, a medic who heals with “rays of good” and other eccentric fighters. And then there are hats, millions of different hats.


Deceit tests your feelings of trust and lies in a multiplayer first-person shooter. You wake up in an unknown place, from the unfamiliar voice of the Game Master. Surrounded by five other players, a third of which the Master infected with a deadly virus, and their task is now to kill other innocent players. The Innocents must be on the lookout to cross three zones and escape through a safe exit while the Infected try to take them out of the game one by one.

As the round progresses, players will communicate with each other, figuring out who is the victim and who is the wolf in sheep’s clothing. But do not forget that monsters can disguise themselves and not give themselves away in any way. We recommend playing with friends, so you will definitely have a fun experience.

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

You can play for free and the game doesn’t have to be a shooter. One of the best computer games for free is  StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. It is a real-time strategy video game sequel to StarCraft which some recognise as just the best game ever. As in StarCraft, the main focus of the game is on the extraction of best resources and numerous battles. By extracting resources, the player receives funds for the construction of buildings that can produce combat units and improve them. The main purpose of combat units is to extract resources and attack the enemy. The goal of the player is to destroy all enemy buildings (but not necessarily all combat units). You can play alone or enjoy it with friends.

Cube Escape: Paradox

It is an escape the room type of game and an exclusive of PC platform. This time you have to play as a detective named Dale Vandermeer, who has no idea how he got here. To do this, as always, you have to solve a bunch of intricate puzzles. The developers have added cinematic inserts, so the game style is fabulous. It is available on steam. Think and enjoy the view!

Darwin Project

Darwin Project is a battle royale game with elements of survival. 10 people agree to take part in an unusual experiment. They have to survive in the Rocky Mountains of Canada. But the main enemy is not a man at all. Only the cold knows no mercy. For those who are tired of constantly fighting, the developers have prepared the role of an announcer who can build various intrigues. It definitely won’t be boring.

Lost Ark

Lost Ark is a popular MMORPG that was released in the Korean and European regions years earlier. However, she was able to earn huge popularity only recently – having been released on the digital service Steam. People highly appreciated the usual diablo like gameplay with an isometric camera, a large number of classes, each of which you want to feel in PVE and PVP activities, modern graphics and other advantages. Particularly pleased with the moderate donation, which does not interfere with enjoying the gameplay without investing a penny in Lost Ark.


This game doesn’t need an introduction. Fortnite is a free-to-play battle royale game with tons of game modes to suit all tastes. Attend concerts, create islands, compete with your friends and kill enemies. Fortnite is truly a cultural phenomena. By May 2020, the number of registered Fortnite users reached 350 million. In total, they spent more than 3.2 billion hours in the game. It’s easy to find in every store except apple.

We hope that our topic navigates you in a variety of free to play games. Get games for free, play best PC games for free and most importantly have fun.