Best Documentaries in 2021 that will change the way you think

Three things that most leave an impression on people are movies, books, and music. What makes them so popular is the chance they gave us to escape reality and enjoy in someone else’s. Also, they give us the opportunity to see life from someone’s else perspective and see how they are handling their problems, adventures, and stories. Usually, we often identify ourselves with our favorite actors and their characters in the movie. In recent years, the movie type that becomes very popular in the documentary. Especially now, when we are facing the COVID 19 pandemic, and we are spending the biggest part of our day at home, people are starting to watch them constantly. They provide us a connection to the real-life story that someone experienced in these isolated times.

In this article, we prepared some of the most inspiring documentaries from this year, which you can enjoy on They all follow some unique story that will surely change the way you are thinking and leave a big impression on you. Enjoy!

Gunda explanation documentary

A documentary movie called Gunda is created by the director Victor Kossakovsky. What makes this documentary so unique is the fact that there are no words, human faces, even no music involved in it. You are now probably wondering, what does it include then? This experimental documentary is so amazing because it shows the life of animals on the farm. That’s right, the only things you will see in the documentary are animals with their behavior. You will see a pig life from their view on one Norwegian farm. Despite that, you will see some cows and the most interesting – a one-leg chicken. This film is actually black and white. If you are wondering who is Gunda after the documentary has named it, it is actually a mother sow that is raising new piglets. This documentary will live a big impression on you. For the first time, you will have an opportunity to see animal’s feelings and sentience which will leave you in tears.

Documentary called MLK/FBI

The documentary that was released on January 15th by the director Sam Polland is something worth watching this year! After reading this short review, you will see for yourself the reason for this. The main subject of the documentary is the explanation why J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI starts spying on the popular leader of the civil rights Martin Luther King Jr. He is actually declared as a threat to national security. This documentary is not the investigation of the files in the bureau. Moreover, they are even sealed until the year 2027. However, this documentary is about the investigation of the culture that targeted King. Through this documentary, you will have a better insight into the FBI’s history in America. Sam Pollard is using propaganda in order to improve his status in society as well as illuminating the place in the audience’s conscience. As you know, racism was deeply ingrained back then. Additionally, in the documentary, you will see that Hoover had a very bad attitude towards King based on racism. On the other hand, you will see the King’s reaction. More precisely, you will notice how King hesitated to give his confidantes concerns any reliance until his fears become so hard for handling. Also, you will see how law enforcement tried to restrict the progress.

The Truffle Hunters documentary

This documentary created by the directors Michael Dweck and Gregory Kershaw will leave a big impression on you. More precisely, it will take your breath away with the incredible look of the Italian landscapes. You will see lush old trees that create a beautifully unique forest, charming little traditional houses in pastoral villagers. All of this beauty you will see from the painterly look. On the other hand, you will see the incredible portrait of dying art. You will see professionals who are hunting truffle with their dogs. More precisely, you will see dogs are digging them which makes their hunters very rich because of the truffle price. They can get thousands of dollars with the help of their furry friends. The Truffle Hunters documentary shows how capitalism and industries do not have a chance in this small place. This is a very unique and valuable representation of some natural and harmless profession that does not allow itself to be lost in the shadow of the capitalists.

Documentary movie called Flee

The Flee documentary is considered a very unique and interesting animated documentary by the director Jonas Poher Rasmussen. Additionally, it is produced by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Riz Ahmed. What makes this documentary so fascinating is the fact that it represents a biography story about the Amin Nawabi experiences. He is the narrator in the documentary. His story is very unique. He is an Afghan refugee that lives and works in Copenhagen now with his boyfriend. The documentary story follows the process of Nawabi’s escape from the Mujahideen. The audience will have a clear picture of all the details of his journey which leaves people speechless. However, the documentary is not about the things he survived, but the psychological story of his traumatized childhood is constantly turning back.

The World’s a Little Blurry with Billie Eilish

The documentary movie is released on the date February 26th from the director R.J. Cutler. In the whole documentary, the main actor represents a pop star that experiences an unusual type of fame. Elish has a natural talent which is showed on various concert footage and clips. However, what makes this documentary so unusual is the fact that she is just a typical teenage girl. She lives a normal life, even though she is famous. For instance, she still lives with her family, she gets constant lectures from her dad about responsibility. Despite that, she is having a problem with her boyfriend who does not treat her right and he refuses to come and see her performances. After seeing this documentary movie, you will change your opinion about celebrities because their world is still blurry.