The Best Cone Of Shame Alternatives

You love your dog, and he loves you, even more, enjoying every minute of the day he gets to spend with you. Whether he’s cuddling, playing and throwing sticks and balls, or simply hanging out in the same room the experiences with a dog is beautiful and healing. Unfortunately, most of the dog suffer an accident or need certain interventions during their life, and there comes the notorious Elizabethan collar, or the so-called cone of shame. No one likes it: not the injured dog, not passing dogs or the owner; it seems like the vets are the only ones that recommend it and think of it as obligatory. And it is true after some type of surgical intervention has been done, and the dog has a spot that needs to heal, it somehow has to be protected from your dogs urge to lick or bite it thus slowing down the recovering process.

The problem with the E-collar is that it is big, plastic, and covers the peripheral vision which then leaves the dog with a big risk of an injury. You have surely seen dogs having trouble eating with the collar on, running into the walls and doing everything they can to remove the plastic collar. Having this in mind, one might ask is there a dog cone alternative and does it really work? Let’s take a look at some of the best offered on the market today.

Best Dog Cone Alternatives


The fact that there are dog cone alternatives comes as no surprise with the pet market offering almost everything that your furry friend might need. But the quality of the products is not the same, so let’s see what are the cone of shame alternatives that do the best job:

  1. The BiteNot Collar. With the name of this device already addressing the goal, it is at the top of our dog cone alternative list for a few reasons. First, it is not shaped like a cone, but rather as a neck brace which leaves your dog with much more room to look around. Along with that, it provides much better strap fitting options so you can easily fix if it is too tight or loose on your dog’s Made from plastic that is flexible and foam, it is more comfortable than the regular one, and the chances of your dog hating it are much less. The only con might be the fact that because of the shape it is not that effective for dogs with lower extremity injuries. Still, it is a very good pick according to your needs and can save you sums of money that you would usually spend on replacing the E-collar.
  1. Kong EZ Soft Collar. Probably the most popular on the market today, this one is much more comfortable and flexible than the regular dog/cat cone collar. It is easily put on and adjusted using the drawstring. You will have no problems washing it, and it comes in various sizes so finding the right fit for your pet should not be a problem. In the end, unlike the previous one, it is a good choice for the dogs with lower extremity injuries as well, and though a bit pricier, absolutely worth it!
  1. Comfy Collar. This one, made out of nylon and foam has everything a collar needs to give your pet a good protection. The so-called collar strays are easily removable, so your dog can be free whenever he should eat or drink. It comes in different sizes and even provides a reflective fabric so you can see your pet more easily when it is nighttime. A con is the fact that the flexibility increases the chance of dog reaching the injured spot, but it is still a good enough cone alternative for the money you give.
  1. The Boobooloon. This medical device solves the problems of the previous one as being inflatable it gives your dog enough sight and comfortability, almost not affecting its day activities at all. It is lightweight and flexible, and you only have to take care that your dog doesn’t pop it up intentionally with shaking motion or sharp nails. Remember to only inflate it up to halfway to avoid possible suffocating.
  1. The ProCollar Premium Protective Care. Last, but certainly, the list is an excellent inflatable pillow that is really comfortable, and allows your dog to play, eat and drink without any discomfort. It doesn’t cause rashes or the intent for scratching, with the only con being the fact that it might not provide that much of protection for paws or tail as the regular one would. Still, this one is among the best choices, especially for somewhat less active pets!


Though vets would always recommend the regular Elizabeth collar, expressing the fact that the benefits of one outweigh the temporary discomfort, it is nice to see that there are good dog cone alternative products out there on the market, leaving you the decision to pick the one that suits your dog needs the most!

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