The 5 Best Cities to Move from New-York

There can be many reasons for moving from New York to any other city in the United States, such as high cost of living, increasing taxes, increasing crimes, and high density. Whatever the reason for your move is, NYC moving company – can help you move from NYC to your desired city.

There are endless possibilities to move across the United States. Therefore, people fail to choose the best one. Remember, nobody knows your lifestyle and challenges better than you. We can only give suggestions based on our experiences.

You might want to relocate because you can’t afford living expenses; you want better schooling for your kids, or you want to move because of the increasing population and crimes in the city. Don’t worry if you’re still unsure about the best city to move from New York, because this guide is all about it. At the end of this article, you’ll be in a position to make the best decision.

Top 5 Cities to Move from New York

As mentioned earlier, the USA has endless possibilities, and it’s never easy to choose one. But after thorough research and shortlisting the cities, we have decided to share these five best destinations with you.

1. Florida

During the pandemic, thousands of New Yorkers move from New York to Florida. Florida is well-known for its hot weather. Some excellent places to live in Florida are Orlando, Tampa, and Miami. In New York, you can’t sleep for hours because it’s the busiest city in the world.

When we compared housing, utilities, groceries, food, health, and transportation, we have found that Florida is cheaper than New York. Moreover, when we talk about taxes, there is much relaxation in estate tax, capital gains, and personal income tax.

Another good thing about Florida is you can easily buy properties in some areas. You would love the golf courses in Florida. Average rainfall rates and temperatures are high in Florida.

You can make your living place beautiful by growing your own lawn and plants. But it will require extensive care because it’s the Sunshine State. If you’re worried about the neighborhood, you can trust Tampa.

2. Texas

In terms of population, it’s the second most populated city after California. Things that make it an attractive place to live are better tax laws, lower real estate prices, and fewer attractions. Moreover, the economy of Texas is among the healthiest economies. A significant increase in unemployment was observed during the pandemic, but things are getting stable from the last seven months.

The most popular places to live are Austin, Houston, and Dallas. Austin is leading the nation in terms of job markets. It’s attracting more remote workers and corporate jobs than ever before. Only 7 states in America are without a state income tax, and Texas is one of them. It’s another valuable reason to move from NYC to Texas.

It provides many opportunities for real estate businesses because of fewer restrictions. Moreover, in terms of rent, it’s cheaper than NYC. But before moving to Texas, don’t forget that the weather mostly remains warm. When you live near the Gulf coast, you’ll experience more tornadoes than any other state in America. You’ll get open roads, hundreds of parks, and excellent destinations for hiking. In simple words, it has everything for you, and you won’t regret it if you move from New York to Texas.

3. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

It remains the center of the American Steel Industry for years. Therefore it’s known as the Steel City. In the past few decades, we have seen a shift in the economy in biomedical technology, health, finance, and science. Do you know, it’s ranked among the most livable cities in the USA?

After moving from NYC to Pittsburgh, you will find a more laid-back atmosphere. It’s the most economical place to live in terms of housing and food. It has the drawback of the lower average wage in the city. The cost of health and transportation is also lower than in NYC. Since other expenses are also low, so it won’t put pressure on you.

There will be fewer people on the road, and the crime rates are also low. The best neighborhoods in this city are Shady Side, East Liberty, and Squirrel Hill. New Yorkers will take time to get used to this city because it has a more laid-back atmosphere and friendly neighbors. Rolling hills and rivers running through the town are excellent places for tourists.

4. Stamford, Connecticut

You need to move from NYC to Stamford because it offers a mix of finance, real estate, health, finance, and consumer goods much cheaper than NYC. Moreover, you can live near beaches without spending extra money. The good news is you can quickly return to Manhattan because it’s just 30 miles away.

Utility costs and property taxes are higher than the average income in this city. So, you need to keep it in mind before you get there. When we talk about the mix of rural and urban living, some most popular neighborhoods are Newfield, Belltown, and Westover.

In terms of education, it has a good percentage of residents who hold at least a bachelor’s degree. In terms of schools, it has much to offer. So, if you want to move from New York to find good schools for your kids, you can come to Stamford.

It has more than 80 restaurants and clubs, shopping places, and attractions. For art lovers, it has a lot to offer. If we say it’s a perfect place to live with family, it won’t be wrong.

5. New Jersey

It’s the smallest state, but it’s still the most favorite place of many New Yorkers. It’s a perfect place to move because of a healthy lifestyle, lower crime rates, excellent schools, and larger apartment sizes. In Garden State, the property taxes are higher. But, the good news is the income tax is lower than in New York. It has multiple tourist destinations. It has a rich history of parks, beaches, and coasts.

So, if you want to move from New York, you can move to the cities mentioned above.