Looking to Buy Your First Bike: 4 Best Bikes for Urban Commuting

City bikes or commuter bikes are a class on their own. They should be easy to ride, lightweight, durable, and also good-looking. There are lots of good solid reasons as to why you should commute using city cycles.

Beating the urban traffic, helping the environment, and zipping around the town looking good sounds like a good deal. However, we are not the only ones who think this way; this is why there are so many cycles to choose from. There are plenty of types, accessories, and brands everywhere, and it’s super easy to get confused.

In this article, we will talk about the specifics to help you decide which type of cycle is best for your daily urban commute.

Types of Bikes for Daily Urban Commute


First, there is no definitive best cycle for commuting and second, your riding experience depends on the terrain, distance, duration, and of course, the bike you choose. City terrains are simple to ride through.

Let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons of the four most common bikes used by cyclists.

1. Electric Bikes


Electric bikes are the new trend and for good reasons. If you are not a big fan of paddling all the way, then a motorized cycle is exactly what you need, albeit a more expensive choice. Albeit, a more expensive choice but electric bikes do not disappoint. But the positive side of it is that it never fails to impress you.

Electric bikes can cover more distances. Some argue about its agility, but most modern electric bikes are pretty agile, and some look the same as hybrid bikes. You also don’t have to rely on the motor all the time.

You have the option of paddling but having that extra support certainly helps, especially if you live far from your workplace or school.

Electric bikes are comparatively heavier because of the motor but are quite comfy to move around in.


The most significant aspect of an electric bike is the price tag. You can click here to check out the best electric bikes on the market. On average, an electric bike will cost you around 3,500-10,000 USD.


Electric bikes are the best choice if you want to customize your ride with bespoke accessories. You can attach a rear bike rack, a portable air compressor, a smart lock, and a front basket.


  • Very easy and simple to ride
  • Has good support functions and can ride for about 3-7 hours on a full charge
  • Easier to ride on uneven terrains and hillside slopes


  • Expensive compared to all other bikes
  • Heavier than road and hybrid bikes
  • Complex parts make it tough for the owner to fix by themselves
  • Has plenty of legal requirements

2. Hybrid Bikes


Hybrid bikes, sometimes known as flat-bar bikes, are by far the most common city bikes. It has flat bars like a mountain bike and a very comfortable sitting position.

Hybrid bikes may look similar to road bikes but have much wider tires. They usually have 700c wheels to help you ride comfortably through gravel and concrete.

Most hybrid bikes have heavy forks that offer extra comfort for urban commuting. The best ones have disc brakes, but cheaper ones come with rim brakes. Rim brakes are difficult to control on slippery roads and pavement so be careful about that. If you are a beginner, choosing this bike might be the best choice.


You can get a high-quality, super comfy, versatile hybrid bike for 500USD. But there are much cheaper options that provide quality. You can basically get the good ones in the range of 200-500USD.


You can attach a portable tool kit, a patch kit, a portable pump, and a GPS map+tracker.


  • A very comfortable up-right sitting/riding position
  • Very lightweight
  • Highly versatile and has multiple attachments
  • Stable handling because of low center of gravity


  • Not as fast as road bikes
  • Comfort can sometimes reduce performance
  • The upward riding position can cause aerodynamic drag when riding at higher speeds

3. Folding Bikes


These bikes, as the name suggests, can be folded up, which is perfect for city dwellers who are always short on space. You can go to the subway, fold the bike and fit it inside the train. You can even keep it inside your cramped apartment since it will take half the space of a regular bike.


There is a wide variety of folding bikes. Depending on its wheel size, foldability, and quality, price ranges can go anywhere from 300USD to 3,500USD or more.


You can add a tern glovebox, a front cargo basket, a micro bell, a post-pump, led lights, and a valet truss easily to your folding bike.


  • Can be folded to fit in smaller spaces
  • Stays secure since you can basically keep it inside the apartment or take it with you wherever you go


  • Not that lightweight
  • Offers a stiffer riding experience than the rest of the bikes
  • More expensive than most hybrid bikes

4. Road Bikes


Another favorite for cyclists all around. The road bike is fast and agile and offers an amazing riding experience. Although road bikes are used mostly for sports, riding them in urban areas can also be fun.

They have an “over the handlebar” riding position that allows you to efficiently transfer your power to paddles and reach optimum speeds. They are also lightweight, making them extremely agile. But only experienced riders should use them for urban commuting.


Since road bikes are one of the fan favorites, they come in multiple price segments. You can find good-conditioned road bikes for 5,000 USD. But prices can go much higher. Some bikes are even worth 30,000 USD.


Bike lights, cycling specific-computers, bidons, bottle cages, a saddle bag, and a maintenance kit are all must-have attachments for road bikes.


  • Lightweight, agile, and offer the perfect speed
  • Offers an “over the handlebar” riding position that allows better maneuverability and power
  • Riding position and bike design offer better aerodynamics than all the other bikes


  • Not very sturdy when it comes to taking hits
  • Only experienced riders should use it
  • The neck and wrist may hurt if you are riding a long time
  • Gears are suitable for high speeds, so riding at low speed may be difficult

Final Thoughts

If we had to choose, we would stick to hybrid bikes, but if you have the extra budget, you should give the E-bike a chance.

We hope you found this article helpful and gained the information needed to make your choice. Personally, we love all these types of bikes but choosing one depends on the price range, terrain, riding expertise, riding duration, and of course, the urban traffic.