Best Anti-Theft Backpacks for Your Daily Needs

All of us had our things stolen from our backpack at least once in our life. And everybody knows that it is not a pleasant experience, especially if some valuables like a wallet or gadgets were included. Going through the whole process of recovering it usually comes out with low success rate.

As the old proverb says, it is better to prevent than later heal, meaning that investing in a well-secured backpack should save you of the possible troubles, according to research done by Global Backpackers. Now, how can you know if one really serves its purpose and is worth the money? First of all, you should decide about the size. Are you a traveler or you just need a handy backpack for regular daily use? How many compartments do you need and does it have an anti-theft pocket? And of course the more durable material it is made of, the better. Take a look at our top 5 list and you might get a better clue on the best ones offered:

1. Matein Travel Backpack

Matein really did an amazing job providing us with an all-around backpack, suitable for almost all needs. You have enough space to store your gadgets, books, valuables, everything in a separate place. That way you can effectively reach what you need, without grinding through the interior to find what you are looking for. The front compartment is very well organized, being just the right size for a textbook or a laptop.

Along with that, and maybe the most important feature is that it comes with an almost invisible anti-theft pocket that’s at the back. This one serves its purpose, definitely protecting you from any type of pickpocketing threat, and it is perfect for you to put your phone, keys, wallet or whatever you would.

It is apparently made to withstand tough conditions and weather, so hikers might especially like this one. With the reinforced straps it is nice and ergonomic on the back. Also, this backpack is pretty conventional as you can easily combine and transport it with your luggage.

The only con that we can notice is that the material is a bit rustic, and not that high-end, but the pros outweigh this by far!

2. Tigernu Business Laptop Backpack

While maybe not for hikers, as the hunt guides website claims, this one is an excellent solution for all the students or the self-employed people that need to carry their necessities around.

Same as the previous one, it is ergonomic and provides no pressure on your back, with the straps being easily adjustable. And there is space for everything. A laptop pocket, a notebook and a stationary one, whatever you want to put you have space for it. Believe it or not, there is also a special strap meant to hold your sunglasses. Now isn’t that a trick? It is made from nylon, being pretty resistant to tear and wear, and being eco-friendly, it is just the right combination.

Now the anti-theft pocket is a story for itself. It is basically a zipper built-in pocket at the back, being almost unnoticeable and perfect for a laptop to fit in.

A visible con is that the bottom and back might not be that stable, but still is a good choice!

3. Oscaurt Anti-theft Travel Backpack

This one is for those who really aim for the safety of their stuff at the first place. While it is maybe not the most conventional backpack out there, as you have to take it off your back to pick even the slightest thing out of it, its security is unbeatable.

Again, made from water-resistant and tear and wear proof materials, it is sure to last a long time, being easy to carry as well. The anti-theft pocket is in the form of an almost invisible zipper, that goes around the whole bag and ends at the back of your backpack. There is no way a pickpocket can go through this.

It also has a USB charger, to which you can connect your power bank and charge your phone while on the way.

The only visible con, once again, is the fact that you need to take the whole backpack off in order to take something out, but still really worth it!

4. Pacsafe Venturesafe 25L Gll

A traveling backpack that uses the best available tech in order to protect your valuables. It is pretty comfy and big, as you can put a lot of stuff, along with a 15-inch laptop and a 3l fluid bottle without a problem.

For the anti-theft protection, it uses an eXomesh Slashguard technology, basically covering the riskiest parts of the backpack with lightweight stainless steel, so there is no way it can be slashed through. Also, it includes RFID pocket, which stores your delicate information and secures that no one can steal it.

The con is the straps, that are not adjustable as it should be, but still a good backpack for travelers.

5. KAKA Backpack

For all those old school folks, this one might be the best for you. At a relatively low price, you get a lasting and water-resistant backpack, that has a 40liter capacity. With more than a few compartments, there is just enough space for you to put everything you need on a daily basis.

As of the protection, instead of going for zipper anti-theft pockets, the company went for the good old straps which take much longer to open making it more difficult for a pickpocket to be successful. It also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Still, it is not made for rough use, so take care.

Whichever you pick it is a good choice, and for sure it will save you from a lot of troubles on the way!