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Best Android Games for PC

Hey, if you are looking for the best android games for pc, then you are in the right place. In recent years, many games come in the market and out of all some of them rock the market with its full-on craze. Here is the list of such games for you to narrow your choices and reduce your work.

Whether you are using Android for a long time or new one and need some different games then just have a look at this article and find something amazing for you!

1. PUBG Mobile

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Everyone knows the name of this game. And the more interesting thing is how efficiently one can play this game on the android. In this game, the person has to fight with 99 people on the massive island to win the game. The island is full of vehicles, weapons, ammo, and tactical gear. You can either play solo or as a team. To win the chicken dinner you or your team has to must stand out till the last man standing against you.

The developer has designed this game for mobile devices in such a way that player can easily control land manage the game. Even with the bots, the novice can play with the same level of players and step by step gain experience.

The graphics and maps are unique; the game comes up with a frequent update. As per the device, you can change settings to play with ease. The best thing about this game is it is free to play via pubg mobile emulator and some unique feature like multiple modes, drop, and few others make it addictive.

2. Evoland 2

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Yes, Eveland 2 is not a free game, but once you pick it, it will never let your hands down. It is a fantastic sequel with the best gameplay and graphics.  You can even use Gunblood Cheats to be better.

Evoland 2 features about 20 hours of gameplay. The game starts with pretty typical action RPG. And as you cross each level, you can see a dramatic shift in gameplay as well as in graphics. All together it will make the game more interesting. So it is one of the best games for the RPGs fans and video game culture and worth to spend.

3. RWBY: Amity Arena

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Developed from the Rooster Teeth Animation series, RWBY: Amity Arena it popular, well design and real-time strategy tower defense game. You aim to destroy the tower of your opponent as fast as possible by putting down troop cards on the battlefield. The best part is no need to know source material to enjoy the game. The time duration of matches is three minutes that can maintain an excellent balance between the various troop types. So you have to follow some strategy and real-time action to defeat your opponent.

The game is free to download and enjoy. Yes, it will surely worth your time if you love this gene if the game or you are RWBY series fan. So give a try and tell us whether you like it not.


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