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Benefits of Regular Thai Massages

If you have been looking for alternatives methods to relieve the chronic pain in your legs, your back, and your neck because the regular massages you have been getting haven’t been enough, a Thai massage is an answer to your problem.

If you have never heard about this type of massages, do not be confused when you find out how different they are than the ones you are used to. You won’t have to take off your clothes at all, there is no use of massage oils and you won’t have to get on the table so the masseuse can work on you. They are performed while you are fully clothed and often done on the floor with a couple of yoga mats beneath you.

However, do not expect the same relaxing and slow motions that you are used to from those regular massages routines you have been following. Thai’s have implemented a lot of stretching and pulling techniques which should enhance the flexibility of your extremities, your ankles, your back, and your neck. It will also reduce any tension you have between your muscles or your tendons. Some people refer to it as the lazy person’s yoga, because a practitioner is doing all the stretches for you just like you would with yoga.

The practitioner or therapist will use his/her arms, knees and legs to hold you down and move your body parts to stretch them and will also provide you with deep muscle pressure which helps with blood pressure and will also relieve the tension.

Can you get hurt?

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No, with a professionally trained therapist, you cannot get hurt with such a massage because the stretching done is completely normal for the human body, you are just still not used to such doing such motion. Keep in mind that if you are not a very active person and have a nine-to-five office desk job, there is a good chance that you will feel a bit of pain while the therapist is working on certain parts of your body. The level of discomfort you will feel depends completely on how much your body is familiar with the movements they will practice on you.

If you are having difficulty sitting through the discomfort or the pain, feel free to tell the professional that you are not able to handle so much stretching. They won’t have any problem with reducing the intensity and pressure they put on your body.

Benefits of Thai Massages

Now that you are more familiar with how these massages work, you are probably are wondering why you should consider them over other types of massages. What is so different with this type when compared to the others? Will it be that much better so it can help you? It is believed that Thai is actually much more effective than other types of massages, but if you are not convinced, what will it hurt to just try it once?

Here are some of the benefits you can experience after Thai.

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· It can lower your stress

While stress is not always a bad thing, as it is an emotion that can help us handle complicated situations, too much stress can be dangerous for both our physical and emotional state. If you are constantly pushing yourself to do better and to achieve more and more, you are constantly under stress. After a while, the stress will start having more and more negative effects on you while you are losing out on all the positive sides of it. Sometimes, stress can lead to some serious mental problems such as depression or severe anxiety and may even lead to other physical diseases.

With the help of Thai massages, their stretching, and deep muscle compressions, you will finally feel relaxed after a long time. Just a few years ago there was a study which proved that Thai can significantly reduce the level of stress. So, instead of sitting at home watching TV hoping that you will feel better, why not visit a Thai parlor and try it out at least once? If you are unsure where you can find such a boutique studio anywhere in Palo Alto or Los Altos, you should visit

· You will feel more energetic

Have you been working these last couple of weeks too much while getting only a few hours of sleep every day? Do you have trouble falling asleep? Do you wake up tired already in the morning? This happens to everyone, especially after long weeks of constant work. Your energy level standards have dropped down considerably, so you will have to do something about this fatigue you feel constantly.

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Instead of visiting a regular Swedish massage this time around, we recommend that you try Thai. A lot of people believe that after their Thai sessions they feel like their physical energy has been increased and has helped with their fatigue too. Such a massage will stimulate you both physically and mentally which can help you get better sleep during the nights. Better sleep will always equal more energy throughout the day.

· No more headaches

Another problem that a lot of people face after too much work is migraines or headaches. Professionally trained therapists have been trained to use their skills and techniques to increase the blood flow from your body to your mind. This increase in blood flow will help up clear your mind and you will suddenly lose most of the headaches you have been experiencing.

Most athletes get Thai massages

Believe it or not, but a lot of athletes are convinced to get such a treatment because it will help them with fatigue after long and tiring matches. If you have ever watched a soccer (football) match, you probably have noticed how a player always visits their specialized therapists after hurting himself. This is because the therapists are trained to use pressure and stretching to help keep the blood flow back in the arms or legs.