Bella Hadid Died her Hair Grey for TikTok

Hilary Duff is not the only celebrity that made a major hair color change this week.

Bella Hadid unveiled new grey hair on TikTok. However, it’s not entirely clear whether she has done it for real or was just using a filter. Either way, she teased her fans, and she wants them to notice it.

Bella has been known for her gorgeous brown hair over her years in the fashion industry, but she is naturally a blonde.


The model went much lighter last summer, ending up with hair blonder than her older sister Gigi Hadid’s in August.

She spoke about the origin of her brown hair. ‘I didn’t really dye my hair to separate myself from Gigi,’ Bella explained. ‘I started dyeing my hair when I was 14. I dyed it black and blue, and I wore eyeliner—I was a punk kid. I might want to go blond eventually!’

However, the blonde did not last long. The beauty was back to brown hair by September 2019, amid the fashion week. If she truly dyed her hair grey in quarantine, that would be her biggest hair change so far.

Bella has been sharing photos occasionally of herself during the self-isolates.

Her newest Instagram snap comes the same day as her grey hair TikTok. Hadid was lounging on the couch in her IG shot, and her hair was very much still brown. ‘What’s up guys 😇’ she captioned it.

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