7 Reasons to Become a Medical Assistant in Florida

Now that you have thought of becoming a medical assistant, it is indeed essential to know that you have chosen the right career path. Of course, the career is full of opportunities and a diverse work environment, and you still need to have that confidence in yourself. The chaos and confusion regarding the decision are real and we want to make sure that all of that vanishes away with only one thought left in mind; “I’d be the most valuable Medical Assistant in Florida.”

If you haven’t developed it yet, we will make sure you are all buffed up to achieve your goal by the end of this. Pro Tip: Go through each section thoroughly. You are likely to reap savory fruits on your way out. Let us drive you straight to the top 7 reasons why medical assistance is a great career path in Florida without wasting another second.

Why You Should Become a Medical Assistant in Florida

With not just Florida but the whole of the US being a pool of opportunities for Medical Assistants, you can be assured of who you wish to become. For reassurance, we are here to help you out. Let’s hop on to genuine reasons.

1. You Take Home A Handful of Money

Being a medical assistant in Florida isn’t only a fulfilling career but also pays a reasonable sum to entry-level Mas. Yes, your salaries do increase as you gain experience. As per, an MA with less than 1-year experience earns up to $33k per year, while one with more than 10 years of experience can earn more than $42k annually. If you show your employer that you are more than just an assistant but a leader in disguise, then you might as well expect more revenue to flow in.

2. An Option to Go Without Certification

While required in most cities and states, Florida is one place where certification is not a necessity. You can get a job without having certification from an accredited body. However, one must try to obtain one through American Medical Technologist (AMT). This is a live telecast of your capabilities in front of your employer. All you have to do is present your certification and your qualities of being a subordinate, supervisor, group leader, team management, attentiveness, and everything else that comes forward.

3. You Get Flexibility As You Expect

If you believe you can give overtime to the organization you are working in, then you are more likely to get welcomed in Florida. Several clinics require MAs to work past the standard business hours. Morning shifts, night shifts, or weekends, whatever you prefer, are met at these institutions. All you have to do is get yourself a job at an emergency clinic or a hospital. While your mates try to party all weekend, you can work it out, make some extra bucks, and get yourself or your beloveds what they always wanted.

4. New Job Openings Are Awaiting You

When it comes to analyzing state-wise job openings in the US, Florida doesn’t hold any back. With a record 37.61% employment growth expected, Florida is indeed in need of passionate MAs like you. As for the numbers, you can expect around 9000 more job openings in the next 5 years or so. This is more than almost every state in the States except California. In the meantime, you can get yourself prepared by opting for the best institutions in Florida. The earlier you enter the field, the higher are your chances of getting employed.


State Percentage Growth in Employment
Alabama 24.73%
California 29.25%
Florida 37.61%
Hawaii 27.53%
Indiana 28.38%


5. Education Is In Your Neighborhood

When it comes to attaining the formal education for Medical Assistance, Florida has one of the finest schools, colleges, and universities offering the program. Although you can find great opportunities in California, there’s nothing like having a top-rated institution to go to in the neighborhood. Also, you wouldn’t have to pay a fortune to go past formal studies in Florida. With a couple of clicks and an authentic website such as, you can view all the Florida schools offering accredited medical assistant courses. So, buckle up, do not waste another second. You are right where you are meant to be, and you become the best man for the job.

6. You Can & Should Enter the Field Young

As mentioned, most states take an entry of a medical assistant only after you have got the certification right, but with Florida, the doors are always open. With all means of programs that are opted here and the demand for medical assistants that aren’t disappearing anytime soon in the coming years, you have a chance to enter the field at a young age. As your age brushes you up with maturity, your career gets nourished in terms of experience. It is all a natural process that will develop your personality to become an MA that every physician or specialist loves to have. God knows you become the man/lady that every patient wants to see first. It’s a blessing.

7. Post Novel Strain Success

Ever since the Covid-19 hit the world, the economies have had to go on the back foot. While other sectors had a reduced employment graph, the health sector wanted more professionals than ever, especially Medical Assistants. Florida was also hit by the novel strain quite hard, and it was one reason why more medical assistants were hired than ever before. Now that we are recovering from it, we do expect the jobs to sustain and even grow. If you have chosen this path or are already a part of it, you can expect your career to have a smooth flow post-pandemic period.

Is There Still A Doubt In Your Mind?

With all the right reasons in front of you, you shouldn’t be thinking twice before stepping into this field. If you believe the road ends somewhere, it does not. Becoming an MA is the first step to having an advanced career. You have several advancements coming your way, such as becoming a:

MA Instructor

Records Manager

Clinical Team Leader

Secretary To Medical Office

Office Manager

And more. Jump in right now and have a life of satisfaction forever.