Check out the tips to be a Successful Youtuber Gamer

Given the growth of content producers for the gamer universe, whether through lives, such as channels that are successful on platforms like Twitch or recorded content, usually published on YouTube, many players must have already considered becoming a product of the type.

If this question has crossed your mind, or you’re in the early stages of your YouTube channel, you are probably wondering how you can improve your engagement and achieve the desired success in this field. We agree that this market is becoming more saturated, due to its great popularity.

However, the fact that the competition is great does not necessarily mean that becoming successful needs to be challenging. We’ve listed below some tips that can help you increase engagement and be more successful within the platform, check it out below:

Establish a strong community

Don’t care so much about the numbers, a community engaged with the content creator is able to take it to very high levels, since the main revenue of a channel does not always occur through the ads served.

A great example of this maxim cited above is the Young Nerd , which does not have astronomical numbers on its channel or website, that is, there are much larger producers. However, the community created by them is so loyal and qualified that it has provided a series of achievements.

Keep publications regular

One of the first concepts to leverage a channel on Youtube is the regularity of its publications, which can be daily, weekly or even twice a month, as long as they are announced, periodic and regularity is maintained.

Ensuring this regularity generates expectations and even certain anxiety in viewers, who return to consume your content, something that positively interferes with the Youtube algorithm in several ways. The simple act of people entering your channel at a certain time and date causes the number of searches and clicks to increase, which provides greater delivery of content.

Opt for optimized solutions

When you produce video games for YouTube, your computer’s processing power should be used to play games and make more content, not to manage a lot of heavy editing software processes and a little time-consuming rendering.

Therefore, use a video editor for youtube such as InVideo that operates on the cloud system, as this speeds up the process, leaves your computer free for the most important and, of course, offers extraordinary results.

Choose just one game and put your focus on it

When you’re starting your YouTube channel it may sound like a good idea to show off your skills in a few different games. After all, you enjoy each of them and have something to share with your community, so why play them all? While it sounds like it makes sense, the experiences of YouTube gamers show the opposite. The best way to succeed in this field is to choose just one game and then focus only on it. And if you think about it, it makes perfect sense.

You’ll probably agree that the YouTube algorithm works in pretty mysterious ways, but with the right approach, you can make it work in your favor. Once the algorithm recognizes that you are the creator of content for a particular game, it will recommend you to viewers who are interested in that game.

Let’s now forget about the YouTube algorithm and consider just the audience. It is a much better strategy to become recognizable by one particular game in which your community will think of you as an expert. If you’re only partially good at a few different games that just won’t be enough. But in case you build expert status in a certain game, you can expect rapid channel growth and great success.

Keep your intros short and sweet

On gaming YouTube channels, intro is everything. The introductory part is important because it ensures that you interest your viewers right at the beginning and ensures that they stay there until the end. If the intro is bad you will have a bad audience retention score, which will send a clear message to the YouTube algorithm that your content is not entertaining enough. And then it won’t even be interested in recommending your videos to the viewers.

Because of all this, it is important to take the time and energy to create an amazing intro that will present to your audience what they can expect in the rest of the video in an interesting way and tickle their imagination in just the right amount.

Work on your titles

While it may not seem like it, good titles can really make a difference when it comes to growing your YouTube channel. Taking the time to find the right one for each video will surely result in success in the long run. But how to find the right title?

For the purpose of finding the perfect title for your YouTube videos, we suggest using both your creativity and keyword research tools. Keyword research tools allow you to better understand what your audience is searching for on the topic you are covering. Once you are familiar with the terms they use, then you can use them to come up with the best titles that will boost your video ranking. Spice everything up with your creativity and be sure that the results will not be missed.


Becoming a successful YouTube gamer is not an easy task, but it is also not mission impossible. With the right steps and little effort, you will ensure the rapid growth of your YouTube channel and achieve great popularity over time. Now that you have really relevant tips on how to achieve more success with your YouTube channel aimed at the gamer universe, just put them into practice and remember that there is space for everyone on the platform, and that you don’t need to adapt to trends, just play games that you really enjoy and have a good relationship.