Bankruptcy due to Corona, Weddings Canceled


April and May are the most popular months for wedding celebrations, but unfortunately, due to the pandemic, a lot of them will have to be canceled.

A couple from Britain have been planning a huge Hindu wedding near London, but they have realized that all their plans went to waste since most of their guests decided to cancel.


The wedding has cost them 100.000 euros, and they are now trying to get in contact with their suppliers for a possible refund.

Another couple from Britain were supposed to get married in Italy next month, although they had to cancel due to the current situation in the world, especially Italy. The couple has been planning this event for their 150 guests for the last 6 months.

Planning a wedding is not an easy task, and many people plan it a year in advance. Rescheduling can be very stressful, but in times like these it’s important to remember that health comes first.