Bad College Essays: 10 Mistakes You Must Avoid in 2024

The impression of a student depends on how well he/she writes the essays and dissertations. When it comes to IVY league college admissions, things turn extremely difficult with time. You have to be at your peak of qualities to win IVY.

There is a huge difference between a high-quality essay and a general one. Some students indeed manage their studies and write high-quality college essays. The majority of them suffer while writing essays.

The key to success lies in identifying mistakes and working continuously on them. Continual efforts turn a student from being an average writer to a good essay writer. -Are you, too, trying to score well in your essays?

-Are you trying to crack the IVY League battle?

In both cases, you have to continuously work on your mistakes. In this essay, we highlight some of the most common mistakes that make your college essays really bad in quality.

Bad College Essays: Things To Avoid


Writing a quality college essay depends on multiple factors. One needs to focus on time and some other factors. Improvement is a slow process, and if you work on your weakness, you bring in the change within you. You can take the help of a professional essay writing service like Fresh Essays. They can help you with quality essays. So here we focus on ten common mistakes that you must avoid at any cost.

1. Don’t Just Focus On The Grants Alone

When you write essays to win grants from college or university, do not simply study on a winning approach. Yes, you need to establish yourself before the selection committee on the importance of the grant. But there are ways to pinpoint that.

Simply writing with the aim of impressing a teacher can not win you grants. This approach mar all your efforts and make them bad. Therefore, you need to bank on quality, which can help you write down quality essays with custom writers.

2. Problems With The Selection Of The Topic

The selection of the topic is one of the determiners of writing quality research. So when you select your essay topic, focus on such topics on which you can invest hours on research. If you fail to achieve it, you end up writing a bad college essay.

Therefore your interest level depends to quite an extent on how you find yourself attached to the topic. Interesting topics can indeed be beneficial in the long run. So be meticulous with the selection of the topic. They can help you solve your problems.

3. Problems With The Tone And Approach

Tone and approach are two important aspects of your essay. The basic tone that is used in an essay is argumentative. But keeping this constant, you need the shifts.

When it comes to tone, you have a variety of them, and they include informal, pessimistic, optimistic, uplifting, and aggressive. But most students select a tone incompatible with the title of the essay. Wrong selection of tone in an essay ends with an unsuccessful attempt. Therefore you have to focus on it continuously.

4. Lack Of Personality


College essays must follow a dedicated personality. They must follow the structural order and progression. These essays are generally research-based essays, and you have to pour in a lot of data and inputs. Therefore it’s better to avoid any friendly tone in your essay.

Also, ensure you do not use ironic statements, excessive roundabout ways of writing, or satirical writing in your essay. They distract the readers immediately. So maintain a personality throughout your essays; things can improve with time.

5. Lack of Creativity

Creativity is the main ingredient of a good essay. It can help establish a rapport with the readers. Writing with dry facts can end up with an average impression. So when you are writing an essay, focus primarily on the creativity aspect. They can indeed help you bring in the changes that you need.

Work continuously on putting a completely different perspective to your essays. That’s what you call a creative approach.

6. Less Time On Research

The competition is getting stiffer with time as the number of enrollments increases. According to statistics, around 15.1 million students can get enrolled in USA colleges in the year 2030. So the quality will be the only parameter. Focus on research.

Students are reluctant to research the topic. It displays their attitude toward the essay. Lack of research affects the quality of your writing. Less engagement denotes a thoroughly indifferent attitude toward your writing. Try to give maximum time to your research work.

7. Displaying Erudition! Stay Away

Some students live in a world of illusion. They think that they are masters of writing. But ultimately, they end by writing an average essay.

These students use bombastic words and hackneyed expressions to make things complex. As a result, it completely affects their tone of writing. Therefore, try your best to keep the writing simple and be meticulous with your research.

8. Failure In Proof-Reading


One of the major mistakes students make is that they are always indifferent to proofreading. Once they finish writing their essay, they quickly go reading and try to wrap up the matter fast.

Proofreading failures not only degrade the quality of the essay but also mar all your efforts. Universities and even professional-level work demand extensive proofreading to secure perfection.

9. Procrastinating

There is ample amount of time to do the essays. This is a common theme associated with essay writing. Procrastinating is derived from fear.

It is a psychological issue, and they only make things worse for the readers. Therefore, you must change your attitude and start your essays well. It can help you with your requirements.

10. Stress And Anxiety

Fear and anxiety contribute to making an essay bad. With fear, you can not concentrate on your expression. Fear and anxiety strangles chokes and strangles expressions. Ultimately it affects the entire effort. Let us vindicate it through study.

According to a study (Statista), 24.6% of mental health clinicians attribute stress among students to be a major factor. Therefore try to consult experts and work on meditation. It can help you fight stress and elevate the quality of the essay.

Putting The Discussion To A Close


College essays have complexities, and students find it hard to deal with them. They commit generic mistakes, and it affects their overall study. So work on these mistakes, and you can write your essay and submit them in time. This helps in achieving good quality and impressions.