B2B lead generation techniques that work

Marketing eLearning courses is a job easier said than done. Businesses want innovative and interactive eLearning modules that aren’t just user-friendly but cost-effective as well. The pace at which eLearning modules are being churned out by providers, one can say that there certainly isn’t a dearth of choices. A business house can easily switch to other module providers if it feels that the present sets of modules aren’t holistic enough.

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  • Content marketing is the king

Content is the undisputed king of marketing, but all we’ve been doing of late is scratching the surface. In all fairness, content is much more than a 600-word blog published on the company’s website. Frankly, the length of your content doesn’t really matter. The content prepared should be able to attract the viewer.

Here are a few different kinds of content you can put to use

  • Guidebooks
  • Content round-ups
  • Infographics
  • Videos ( that’s interesting)
  • Audio content (podcasts and audiobooks are economical)
  • Webinars

It’s advisable to explore different kinds of content. Not only will it lead to diversification of the content produced but will also help you in your bid to expand your footprints.

  1. SEO content works best

Search engine optimization (SEO) helps attract traffic (organic) from various search engines such as Google. Organic traffic forms an integral part of the B2B marketing strategy.

Furthermore, optimizing the content produced is cheap. You just need a team of people for conducting keyword research. It will help you keep track of the words that are driving traffic.

  1. Creating lead magnets can help

It’s simple. You can trade your company’s valuable information with your audiences and get access to their valuable information in return. It happens to be a simple ‘give and take relationship.’ Imagine this: You offer a free eBook to all your visitors. The only thing they need to do in order to get that eBook is: sign up using their email IDs. It’s as simple as that.

  • E-books
  • Case studies
  • Demo versions of your application
  • Free trials
  • Reports and white papers

Make it a point to highlight the value of the giveaway.
  1. Social channels cannot be taken for granted

You might find it hard to believe, but you can put social media to use for generating leads. No, social media channels aren’t just used to create brand awareness. They can also be used to generate leads. Take it this way:

A potential client of yours comes across a tutorial video that you created long ago. The video can be about an old eLearning module that was created by you. Now, an act as small as this can go a long way and trigger the flames of desire in your potential client. He’ll certainly be interested in knowing more about the company after he has watched the video.

To draw the curtains:

So, that’s that. A lot needs to be taken into consideration before you finalize a set of B2B lead generation techniques. Rember, the idea is always to provide the user with something that ends up stoking the flames of desire within him.